Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A letter to Senator. Benigno (Noynoy) C. Aquino III

Dear Senator. Benigno (Noynoy) C. Aquino III,

Mr. Senator I have nothing to brag about political machinery nor a group that I belong, and neither did I wrote this letter with ulterior motive or political ambition, other than to let you know that we share the same advocacy on political reforms and to see this country rise again. In my own humble way I would like to assure you that I will campaign your fight for a cause to my immediate family, relatives and friends or to strangers like taxi drivers if I may, and to the best I could to vote for you.

Mr. Senator, though we don't have so much gap in our age for I was born 1962 still I considered you and myself as heaven and earth for I wasn't like you who is educated from prestigious academe, nor do I got political exposures and accomplishments as public servant like you do, but I was just a mere observant of what is happening to Filipino people much more that we shared dream that this country we choose to live, The Philippines shall and will rise again.

Truly I'm not much of an avid fan of eloquent politicians but as I watched the speech of the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., as uploaded in "youtube" that was delivered on February 15, 1981, before a crowd of Filipinos and Americans in Los Angeles, I was really touched. Truly the late Senator Ninoy, your father is undoubtedly a hero and a wasted leader of Democracy by an unconscionable mind who wanted nothing more than to cling and perpetuate to power.

In your person Mr. Senator, we the Filipino people cry out for a true leader of Democracy, who shall deliver us from the hands of tyrants and corrupt officials hiding in the guise of, or cloaked as public servants. At this early time of your popularity and campaign for the Presidency you can't avoid to be surrounded by people either sincere friends, enemies, but worst to an opportunistic, exploitative and manipulative people posing as your allies with nothing in their minds
other than to ride on your popularity.

Mr. Senator, hoping you will be discreet in choosing who shall run with you in your ticket, either purely LIBERAL or UNITED OPPOSITION, for they may taint your good name and leadership so as with your advocacy because of their vested interest. And with those who shall speak in your behalf should you apply strict cautions to their opinions much more than allowing no one among your closest relative nor your would be wife quoted that as if it was you who speaks on the subject matter. Once elected, may you come up and guided with principles in choosing the right person or trustee to your would be cabinets whom you shall entrust your advocacy for reforms.

At this point in time the Filipinos are not much in particular to the decadence of brilliant minded leaders, or to eloquent politicians that are hungry like crocodiles that can't control their appetite and cravings to wealth and power and readily devours on our present foreign debt buried and poor economy. But more on mediocre minded leaders with hearts and conscience that fully understand the plight of the Filipino masses. So just let your detractors and political adversaries to mock and attack you. Likewise, mind not the clamors and opinions of some puritanical and bigoted leaders of different sect of Religions who are nothing less than opportunistic people, who often exploit their fanatic followers to remain subservient to their own convenience. For as long as the majority of the voting masses will hold on to support your advocacy for reforms.

The Filipino people knew the burden you will be facing once elected to the Presidency that sooner or later out of your dedication and sincerity as a true reformist and a public servant, will lead you to an unpopular decision which more often than not, be taken against you as a friend or as a relative. But I know that with your courage and principles as the only son of a hero, the courageous, late Senator Ninoy Aquino and the Incorruptible late President Cory Aquino, it won't take you less of a leader. Such a burden, we do hope that you will lead for a total change or reform of politics in this country.

So allow not the challenge to only lies on you, nor let it be conflicting political ideas, but should be the sum of all the efforts among your allies working together for a change, thus making it possible to achieve a common goal. And there should be the integration of both moral and political will to implement the law. With sincere cooperation among your allies and you as a leader to give up or set aside some self serving interest.

Again Mr. Senator, I hope that you will lead a move to eradicate the proliferation of politics like a tool or as a means and as source of livelihood among politicians to enrich their families. Politicians and politics must be confined in its true essence as public service and the former as servants and not as tyrants of the people after the election.

This I hope will be lessened or totally eradicated when as elected President, with your political will for a reform, shall you lead to direct the Congress to come up with well defined provisions to enact or amend any existing law banning Political dynasty in this country.

In which anyone who shall be elected to the highest position in the government will automatically bar their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity to seek or give up positions on the lower post of the government either elected or appointed, also barring all their relatives either by consanguinity or affinity up to the forth degree to do business to the government. Having this kind of a well defined provisions of an existing law or to enact such a law on Anti-Political Dynasty will discourage family of politicians to make use of politics as a means of business or a ground to amass wealth that often lead to "CORRUPTIONS" .

Perhaps such an enabling law will divert the minds of families of politicians to exert more effort and to use their talents and profession to other worthwhile and beneficial business for the masses other than purely politics. With this, the real meaning of public servants could be achieved and be distinct from public tyrants.

We both know Mr. Senator, and all the Filipinos knew that the kind of existing politics in this country had transform and mutate from public service to tyranny. Therefore to create an atmosphere of unity and to lessen bickering or too much factionalism among elected politicians, there should also be a law passed banning all the creation, registration and recognition of multi party system in the COMELEC, that even Party list representatives once elected should start to make choice only from two party system of politics, with absolute provisions of "NO" to "TURN-COATISM" . With this, politicians could easily be disciplined by their parties as well as the abuses of its members will automatically render weakness to the entire political party that they belong. Unlike the multi-party political system that we have now, wherein politicians could easily get away from their abuses and accountability by just creating another party to misled the people and avoids the punitive action by the party they belong. This multi-party system of politics has so many disadvantages to the voting masses, for it's like a mad dog that could easily be replaced with another collar so as to appear as another docile dog.

More often than not, this kind of political system in our country will render confusion among the voting masses much more on factionalism and bickering among politicians, who shall waste their time on useless arguments rather than to pass a law that is both beneficial to the public and progress to the economy.

Mr. Senator you know for a fact much more than to million mediocre mind Filipinos combined, that the problem of poverty in this country is deeply rooted from "GRAFT and CORRUPTION" done by either duly elected or appointed government officials in our country.

That's why Filipinos are hoping that upon your ascension to the highest office, you shall or will lead to lessen, for I can't say eradicate "CORRUPTION" in this country.

As a duly elected President in the near future, I wish you could address well about the distribution of country wide development fund or the "PORK BARREL" among the elected Congressmen wherein majority if not all of them could easily be represented by the logo of "LACOSTE".

That if there's only a non discrimination of its distribution and without prejudice to either party but rather based on essential and feasible projects to either allies or adversaries. You know for sure that power struggle will be avoided and most of their time will be concentrated on doing their job well. But what I'm not sure upon its equal distribution if you can insist on, or direct them to amend the existing law on "PLUNDER" to reduce its present ceiling of "50 MILLION" pesos to its one tenth which is "5 MILLION" pesos. Likewise those pork barrels should not be spent on useless projects like waiting sheds, road signs, road markers and all the likes, or to any form of beautifications without giving priorities to what is needed most by their constituents like farm to market roads
or school buildings but of course not as a sub-standard one. And to ban all politicians posting their names on any projects of the government for all we know that what is spent is not their money but people's money from taxes. Likewise, there should also be a tougher law banning all bidders of projects with no means or capacity and capabilities for such projects but relied on for sub-contracts, for this is where "CORRUPTION" starts.

Truly "INCORRUPTIBLE" and sincere servants of the people won't be scared of this reduction and amendment to the existing law on "PLUNDER", and perhaps from this proposal you could pinpoint hesitant, and who among them are "SERVANTS or TYRANTS" of the Filipino people.

And from the same amendment and reduction, would be "CORRUPT" minded officials can't easily escape prosecution, since they can't amass huge amount of money and can easily afford to dazzle and bribe another "CORRUPT" hoodlums in the robe in our Judiciary system.

Mr. Senator we do hope that you should also speak categorically before the masses that once elected as President; you shall use your power to amend the 1987 Constitution to get rid of its obscurities, loopholes and ambiguity and to strengthen its provisions so that no one among your would be successor in the future can make use of it as a tool to abuse and exploit the Filipino people.

Long live Mr. Senator, and may you leave an unforgettable legacy to live a modest and simple life by example among your allies and to all Filipinos by not allowing yourself to be exploited and suck by long established, traditional and worsening political system in this country. Finally open the eyes of the Filipino masses into the dawn of new politics in the Philippines.

Sincerely Yours,

Wilson (Sonny) R. Reyno

Quezon City

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