Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EON Visa Debit Card

Finally I was able to find a bank that can issue a visa debit card which I can use for my paypal account. Unionbank offer this kind of account for a lower membership fee so I applied last October 10, 2007 using their via internet application. What was written on the net I only need to wait for 5 working days to pick-up my card in the nearest Unionbank in our area. However when I follow-up on the status of my card last Thursday October 18, 2007 I found out that it needs 2 weeks to process my application though my application has been approved already. I only need to wait for the delivery of my card to the branch I mentioned on my application. So, I need to make another follow-up this week.

For me it's better to apply for a new account instead of using my other savings account or my credit card. With Unionbank visa electron debit card I don't have to worry that someone might use card info and spend all my savings or I will be left with lots of debt which I don't purchase.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pacquiao vs. Barrera

Another thing that Filipinos should be proud of!

Yesterday's event made another record, 0% crime rate all over metro Manila as everyone are watching the boxing match of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against the Mexican boxer Antonio Barrera that lasted up to 12th round. It was truely a much awaited event here in our country as our "pambansang kamao" used to bring honors and glory for our country.

But one thing that dis-appoint us was how one of the biggest television network did with the coverage of this event. Just to earn money for their coverage they bombarded the telecast with 18 commercials in between boxing rounds including the national anthem of each boxers and boxing arena (in fairness Kyla was able to execute the original rendition of our national anthem). Imagine before 2pm they started showing the fight between Pacquiao ang Barrera and it took them more than 2 hours to show the end of the fight we already fell asleep while infront of the tv. Now we learn our lesson, if that particular network will be the one to televise the next Pacquiao fight we will just watch it in the big screen with live telecast than losing our excitement on the boxing match.

I hope they learn their lesson on what they did as most of headlines now reflects the dis-appointment on their prolonged telecast.

Friday, October 5, 2007

right path

Yehey! It's the last of the week, Thank GOD it's Friday! But as much as I wanted to rest for this weekend I think I will not be able to. First I need to do the laundry tomorrow and I need to start early in the morning so I can still go to the super market for my grocery shopping and to pay some of my bills. Then on Sunday we need to attend the early Sunday mass instead of the usual time which is 9:00am mass, simply because we need to be home early because of Barrera-Pacquiao boxing event. My father and my husband is a boxing fanatic, they can watch a rewind of boxing fight a hundred times! Sunday afternoon we need to go to Holy Garden as our usual routine every week, sana lang umaraw naman 2 weeks na kasing umuulan pagdating namin don.

I just hope that I will be able to finish sorting our wedding pictures so I can submit our selection to my photographer for the album layout. It's been months na grabe! After this, sana tuloy-tuloy na ang pagsasaayos ko ng life ko. I want to organize this time around.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'm not in the mood to work today

I don't know what's in me but I don't feel like working today. Isn't obvious as early as this time I'm already blogging instead of focusing on my work? Well I feel like I wanted to sleep more, I feel so tired and exausted but I have to go to work as I need to submit the variance report that my boss will be using for his meeting tomorrow. No choice.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

today's recap

I wasn't able to report for work this morning as I have to meet up with my maid's in-law in Alabang because my maid wanted to leave na. So, I have to do all the household chores again hu hu hu. I wish I will be able to find better maid soon.

Since we're already in Alabang I decided to buy the tent that we are going to use for all saints day as well as the insulation para naman hindi ganon kainit in case it will be a sunny day this year. Then I pass by Wilcon Supply to buy na rin the fruit basket made of chrone material that I was eyeing since last month. Actually I'm not going to use it for fruits, I will use it for garlic, onions and tomatoes kasi we use to buy 1 kilo each sometimes more pa nga. Sana lang hindi sya mangalawang agad.

Now I only need to add some more foldable chairs for all saints day, but we are going to use them na rin sa house pag may maraming visitors. And good thing is I already got my hubby's approval.

Monday, October 1, 2007

my mother in-law's birthday

Today is my mother in-law's birthday but we decided to celebrate it yesterday because my husband is here with us, he's now based in nueva ecija so he can only come home every weekend that is if his subject goes to cebu where his family is living. Aside from that some of her apo from Bonifacio came here last saturday to spend their weekend. I will share some of our pictures taken yesterday.

Here's the cake we order from Goldilocks Sta. Rosa. Good thing they are effecient and can accept orders in short notice because I was only able to order the cake 2 days before the event as I'm so busy with all the office reports.
After blowing of birthday candles and making wishes.

Unahan sa pagkuha ng gold choco coins he he he

Us having picnic in my mother's graveyard. It's raining that time, my hubby just covered the camera with a cap to avoid getting it wet. madiskarte he he he

Then after the blowing of candles we proceed to Holy Garden as part of our weekly visit to my mom. We have baon and eat our merienda there, we have spaghetti, cake and ice tea. Saya ng picnic! Unfortunately it's raining so we only stay there for about an hour and a half because we don't have tent yet so we only have huge umbrella like the one used by vendors only a lot bigger than theirs. Good thing I bought a foldable table that we were able to use that same day he he he.

first day of the month

Time fly really fast. Since last month I already heard a lot of christmas songs in some of radio station also in some of my officemates sounds. Now its already October and in just a few weeks I will be busy as a bee in preparing for all saints day. Since 2005 my cousin thought me how to go to Dangwa for the flowers I have to arrange for my "nanay" and lola's puntod and to my other relatives that my nanay used to give flowers and candle when she's still alive. I'm kinda continue her tradition para naman hindi sya magtampo. At hindi nila masabing nawala lang sya nawala na rin ang nagdadala ng flowers sa mga relatives nya. Since I used to arrange a LOT of flower arrangements I really have to go to Dangwa for a great buy. The price of flowers here in Laguna are more than double than the price in Dangwa, imagine the price of 1 dozen orchids here is P300 above while the price of 3 dozens of the same type of orchids in Dangwa is only P250 sometimes may tawad pa...

This month is also my tatay's birthday and this year he will be 60 years old na. So I'm planning to celebrate his birthday this time, pero hindi nya pa alam ha ha ha. My first plan is to celebrate it in a resort for a small family gathering lang but due to money issues I change plan to celebrate his birthday in Dampa for a fresh seafood dinner sana. But I'm thinking twice na rin since I heard a lot of comment to better celebrate at home with his kumpadres since 60th birthday is a milestone daw. So I might order a cake with boxing as a theme since that's his favorite sports naman then we will cook something for lunch and a spaghetti for merienda and those who doesn't want to eat rice na rin. I might buy some balloons na rin para naman ma feel ang birthday he he he

By the way, we just celebrate my mother in law's birthday yesterday though today is her real birthday kaya pala sya malungkot kanina. I forgot to greet her this morning before I left for the office, my gulay... I will post more on this birthday celebration and pictures later... I have to finish all my reports for today first. =)