Thursday, October 30, 2008


Got home late due to month end reporting but I still need to log-in, in order for me to earn some mollah.

I just hope that all my bid will be approved soon. I really need to earn more as I need to buy breast pump which will cost so much. Ayaw ko na kasing mabawasan pa ang budget para sa mga gamit ni baby kaya pinipilit kong humataw para lang kumita ng extra via net.


Kahit inaantok pa ako, kelangan ko ng gumising para lang kumita ng pera kahit konti lang. As I have said last night, under maintenance yung site kaya hindi ako kumita ng pera. Sayang naman kung palalampasin ko ang 24 hours ng hindi kumikita, kaya pinilit ko ng bumangon para kahit papano maka access muna me sa net bago pumasok ng office :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Night everyone

It's been a long day in the office and I'm so tired. I just check my account if there's any outstanding job but the website is undergoing a maintenance so I don't have any earnings for today :(

So I will sleep na lang kaysa intayin ko pa yung site na yon..

My Tatay's Birthday

We celebrate Tatay's birthday last Monday, October 27. We just have small salu-salo with some friends and neighbors.

I just hope that I made Tatay happy on that day....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 24 of my pregnancy

This week your baby's crown-to-rump length is around 8.4 inches and your baby will weigh approximately 1.2 pounds. Although it weighs a little over a pound at this point, your growing baby is still tiny. Your uterus can easily be felt 1.5 to 2 inches above your bellybutton. The fetus does not appear to have much room in the uterus anymore, but as your pregnancy progresses, space gets much tighter!

Because your uterus is expanding and putting a great amount of pressure on your abdomen, you might get stretch marks. Your weight gain may also be taking a toll on your body at this point. Many pregnant women experience backaches, bladder problems, sore feet and fatigue that affect their daily routines. You might also have some nasal stuffiness or nosebleeds.

Your baby's face is basically complete now. The fetus's eyes are close together on the front of his face and they are still shut. Your baby's ears have moved into their final position on the sides of his head. Where they are now is where they will be when your baby is born! Hair will continue to grow on his scalp and his eyelashes are well developed. Most of your baby's features look the same as they will at birth. Because your growing baby is getting plumper, he no longer has room in your tummy to do cartwheels and somersaults.

Now is a good time to ask about prenatal classes being offered in your area. Many local hospitals offer classes for expectant women and their families. You should aim to complete the classes approximately one month before your due date.

You may sometimes get a stitch-like pain in your side from time to time. It's simply the muscles of the uterus stretching.
the unborn child is covered with a fine, downy hair called lanugo. Its tender skin is protected by a waxy substance called vernix. Some of this substance may still be on the child's skin at birth at which time it will be quickly absorbed.

The child practices breathing by inhaling (up to a liter/day) amniotic fluid into developing lungs.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How's your weekend

I had a hectic schedule last weekend. I attended a simply maternal seminar last Saturday and went straight to the central district to check some baby stuff. Then yesterday, I rested in the morning after preparing breakfast for the family and at the afternoon visit my mom in her resting place. We had dinner there too.


It's monday again and the last monday for this month. It so happen that it's my Tatay's 61st birthday too. We are going to have munting salu-salo this afternoon. Para naman hindi magtampo ang matanda he he he

We will pick-up his cake from Goldilocks after lunch. Pancit and Spaghetti will be delivered by Jom's and I will cook Menudo for lunch and dinner na rin :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

There's something wrong with my hit counter

I think there's something wrong with my hit counter, instead of increase the figure seems decreasing.

What do I have to do? Please help me....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Morning Everyone


It's a wonderful morning the sun is up so, wake-up na! he he he

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday to everyone

It's Friday again and I'm so happy because it's weekend again, no work for 2 days and it means I have time more time to surf the internet and do some extra earnings he he he.

Tomorrow is the last of my simply maternal seminar at Asian Hospital and I'm excited on the freebies he he he, aside from the lecture ofcourse.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm not feeling well

I file a leave in the office as I was not able to sleep well last night due to my cough :(

I have a headache too :( sana lang hindi nararamdam ni baby ang sama ng pakiramdam ko

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 23 of my pregnancy

This week your baby's length, from crown-to-rump, is approximately 8 inches! Your growing baby has finally reached one pound. Your baby is about the size of a small baby doll and looks very human. The baby's face and body look similar to that of a newborn at this time. Your uterus can be found about 1.5 inches above your navel. Your total weight gain should be approximately 15 pounds at this time.

You might notice some Braxton-Hicks contractions around this time. These contractions are not regular and they should not be painful. Braxton-Hicks contractions prepare your body for the upcoming labor and they will get stronger as your pregnancy progresses. You might be able to feel the contractions if you put your hand on your abdomen and your baby can probably feel the uterus gripping and massaging her. It will not harm your baby, so there is no need for concern.

Fat is still being deposited at a rapid rate, but your baby still looks red and wrinkled. Skin is being produced at a higher rate than the fat is, so the skin hangs loosely. Your baby looks red because the skin is losing its transparency and pigment is beginning to form. You should be feeling your baby moving quite a bit throughout the day as she will kick and punch the uterus walls. Babies also run their hands along the umbilical cord and touch their body parts while they are in the womb. Your baby now can suck her thumb for real, where she was just sticking it in her mouth. Your baby will continue to swallow amniotic fluid and recycle it as urine. The liquids and sugars that the baby retracts from the fluid is a supplement to the nutrients that the placenta delivers. You might be able to feel small `jumps` inside of you when your baby gets the hiccups from swallowing fluid. The pancreas is developing and it will responsible for insulin production, to help break down sugars.

Oily fish in your diet could help boost your baby's health. (Women who eat oily fish while pregnant have children with better visual development, a major study at Bristol University suggests.)

As the baby continues to grow, it has less space to move around in the uterus. Bones, muscles and organs are growing steadily.

Funny sleeping position

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm on my 5th month of pregnancy

I'm exactly 5 month's pregnant today and I'm so happy that I always feel my baby's movement. Hubby is so amazed that our baby is very active and usually shows early signs of being active. On my 3rd month I can already feel the pintig that others only feels towards the end of their 4th month. On my baby's 9th weeks we were able to hear na my baby's heart beat, so I was not required to undergo an ultrasound agad to know if the baby's alive or not because the baby is so excited to show of agad he he he.

When we are having dinner a while a go, the baby moves several times and my mother in law commented that I might carrying a baby boy and she thinks that this baby will be a basketball player someday, because according to her the baby is so active na and the baby is playing basketball na inside my tummy ha ha ha

I also noticed that hubby got more excited hearing that her mother thinks that we're going to have a baby boy... ayaw pang umamin na gusto rin nya ng boy e...

Funny bread

Hubby's new toy...

.... which I will also enjoy as he is always at work and only seldom stays at home :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiting for hubby

Naiinip na ako sa kakahintay kay hubby and I feel sleepy na. I don't know what's in me that everytime he's coming I feel sleepy agad kahit anong aga pa. When he's here naman tulog ako agad kahit 7pm palang at kahit naka on pa ang tv because he's still watching boxing or basketball pa. Pero when he's at work ang hirap-hirap kong makatulog sometimes tapos na lahat ng telenovela sa dalawang network gising pa rin ako at kung makatulog man ako, panay-panay naman ang gising at ikot ko sa kama :(

Wish ko lang hindi eto manahin ng baby ko or else lagot ako sa pagpapatulog kay baby pag wala si hubby....

Touching Japanese Movie

I was able to watch a Japanese movie the other night about a young girl who wants to have a dog. When her parents approved to grant her request, her mother ask her to make 10 promises for her dog named socks. It was so touching and moving. I cried when the dog died due to old age and when the 2 of them were able to fulfill their promises though they sometimes forget them. The dog which is a golden retriever became very loyal to her upto the last moment.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

10 promises to my dog

1. Listen patiently to what i have to say
2. Trust me, I am always at your side
3. Play with me a lot
4. Don't forget that I have feelings too
5. Let's never fight
6. If I don't obey you, I have a good reason
7. You have school and friends, but I only have you
8. Stay my bestfriend, we must get along
9. I'll only live about 10 years, make every moment count, every moment together
10. Never forget our life together, when my time comes please be by my side


I'm excited na malapit ng mag November, firstly because I'm going to undergo an ultrasound this coming November and sana makipag cooperate si baby at ipakita na nya ang kanyang gender kahit medyo maaga pa ng kaunti para malaman. Para naman makapamili na kami ni hubby ng tamang kulay ng gamit sa December at ng makapag research na ako sa name na ibibigay namin sa kanya, though I have several names in my mind na I still want to do some research pa rin :).

Second, masaya ako tuwing sumasapit ang all saints day dahil nakikita ko ang mga kamag-anak ko na minsanan ko lang makita at na eexcite ako sa dami ng ibat-ibang klase ng magagandang bulaklak. Gustong-gusto ko ang nag aarrange ng bulaklak, pero this year hindi na muna ako pupunta ng dangwa at mag aarrange dahil ayaw kong mapagod ng husto. So, I'm planning to order na lang sa market or sa suking flower shop namin depende sa budget.

Third, bithday ko sa November at kahit hindi walang party or any celebration I'm still thankful na ipinanganak ako sa mundong ito at nagkaron ng napakabuting at napakabait na ina...

Not feeling well

I'm not feeling well today dahil wala lang. I'm not sick or anything, para lang akong nalulungkot and feeling lonely dahil hindi pa rin pala makakauwi si hubby. Ninong is still having a telecom with the US office at 11pm meaning hindi pa rin pedeng umuwi si hubby dahil kailangan nya pang hintayin to at ihatid sa condo.

I still don't know he's schedule for tomorrow what how I really wish na makauwi sya ng maaga tomorrow. I really don't know but I really miss him na. Pero pag nandito naman sya sa bahay parang mas gusto ko syang awayin he he he.. Sarap pala talagang magbuntis dahil kahit anong gawin mo hindi ka papatulan ng asawa mo ha ha ha.

Speaking of pag bubuntis, I'm so excited na dumating ang saturday because I'm going to attend a seminar for pregnant women sa Asian Hospital. I'm really thankful with my friend Beth for registering me without my knowledge he he he. She showed me na the topic to be discussed and the schedule and I got so excited :). Sa sobrang aga nga lang ng meeting time namin, sana hindi ako ma late :O

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 22 of my pregnancy

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 7.6 inches and your growing baby weighs about 12.25 ounces now! Your uterus is about 2 cm above your bellybutton and you probably feel comfortably pregnant. Your growing tummy is not yet large enough to get in the way and you should still be able to bend over and sit without much trouble. You might be enjoying your pregnancy more than ever at this point if morning sickness was an issue in the early weeks.

Your baby's body continues to grow and develop every day. The organ systems in your baby's body are becoming specialized for their particular functions. The fetal liver produces different enzymes than it will produce after delivery. The liver is responsible for breaking down billirubin, which is produced by the breaking down of blood cells. Because the life span of a fetal red blood cell is shorter than that of an adult, a fetus produces more billirubin than adults do. Billirubin passes from fetal blood to the placenta and then into your blood. Your liver helps get rid of fetal billirubin. A newborn baby that has high levels of billirubin may show signs of jaundice. Jaundiced babies have a yellowish tint to their eyes and skin and are often treated with phototherapy.

Your baby's senses are developing daily. The fetus now has a full complement of neurons in the brain and is learning about her body and surroundings through touch. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and your baby may stroke its face or feel her arms and legs.

Your blood volume has increased more to meet the demands of your pregnancy. Most of the increase is in the form of plasma, the liquid part of your blood. This has the ability to dilute your blood and give you physiological anemia, which occurs during pregnancy. The measure of blood dilution is called Hematocrit and the levels reach their lowest points this week. You should check with your doctor to make sure you are not developing more serious forms of anemia.

Your baby now shows an extremely rapid brain growth (which lasts until five years after birth).

The ovaries of female fetuses contain primitive egg cells, all of the eggs a woman will have for her entire life. The uterus of female fetuses is also fully formed.

A love letter to Mama

I was able to watch in Korina's shows at channel 2 the story of a man who continously send a love letter to her deceased wife through blogging. I got inspired and was so touched on his gesture. How I wish that I could write my own letter to my mom and grandma soon :)