Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I miss blogging

I miss blogging, grabe! I lost connection for some time now. Good thing I was able to connect now.

Good news! I'm going to have a DSL soon! Sana lang makabit agad so I can update this blog regularly....

Monday, November 12, 2007

How to survive graduate studies

How to survive graduate studies

While working as the migrant desk project officer at the Jesuit-run John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues, and a first time Journalism instructor at his alma mater, Jeremaiah Opiniano, 31, an AB Journalism graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, took up MA Development Communication at the University of the Philippines- Open University in 1999. Learn how to be a master multitasker like Opiniano.

If you want to earn it – go for it. Jere says apart from growing professionally, nurturing his passion for non-profit work and communication studies prompted him to take up his master's degree. Apart from required courses, he also took up three cognates from UP-Diliman to get a feel of residential studies. "The degree is research-based. The training was difficult. I even got a 2.00 (or an "average" grade) for one of my electives but that's okay– I learned a lot. The whole process was really good," he recalls.

Set your priorities. With a 9-to-6 job and a 3-unit teaching load, Jere had to be disciplined to breeze through his graduate studies. "What's good in an open university is that it's a perfect fit for a graduate student who also works," he says. For him, graduate studies are also a responsibility, since you'll handle it among other things, including relationships. "If you really want it, you will do everything to get it. It also depends on the person if he or she can handle this added responsibility of further studies," he cautions.

Tap all available support. With a little savings, plus his parents' support, Jere was able to finance his studies at the start. Eventually, he set aside part of his income for school. The P20,000 grant he got from the Philippine Social Science Council, apart from the logistical support he got from the International Institute on Rural Reconstruction (his research subject), mainly aided his research, which was tedious and costly during data-gathering. He also credits ICSI for letting employees pursue graduate studies.

Develop the habit of scholarship. During the application process, it's always asked if you can really be a teacher or a researcher. "And you have to be willing to be trained like that – madali pa nga ang training dito, sa ibang bansa, mas pahirapan," Jere points out. But there are also some students who don't want to do theses since they are laborious and costly. "But for me, thesis is important because that's the measure of what you learned."

Aim for quality education. Seek one where you can learn the most, Jere says, whether you enroll in one of the top universities or other graduate or professional schools. If you think you're not cut out for graduate studies or that you can't finish the program because of burnout or other priorities, consider taking either certificate courses here or abroad. "There's really a disparity between the number of enrollees versus those who graduate. If you realize you can't do it, then leave. You can get professional advancement elsewhere," Jere advises.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Credit Cards

Last September my hubby decided to cancel his current credit card and to apply for a new credit card from different bank as his current credit card is not accepted in all establishments simply because his card is not a master/visa card.

So he used the help of to check what card he will avail. Since his previous credit still has a balance from his previous transactions he also avail the 0% credit cards from so he can close his credit card as soon as he receive his new card.

Now he's very happy with his new credit card as he can use it anytime and anywhere even on his online purchases. But I'm more than happy than he is as he promised me to buy a new N95 for my birthday using his card. Yehey!

Friday, November 9, 2007


It's friday again but I'm not excited as before. This weekend I'm sure that I will be more pagod than ever as I'm scheduled to wash and iron our clothes tomorrow. I also need to the house and our bathroom located in our bedroom.

Haayyy... hirap talaga ng walang maid. Sana lang dumating na yung maid na kinukuha namin....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Do you know that you can actually save money by doing your Christmas shopping during black friday (a day after Thanksgiving) instead of doing it on a regular day?

At you will save the hassle of having to stand in line at the store early in the morning just to make sure that you will be able to buy the things that you needed or your gifts for your family, friends, godchildren, neighbors, co-employees and love ones. They also offers e--mail alerts to let you know when the black friday ads has been posted they ensure that their site is consumer friendly and useful for planning our holiday shopping.

As of today we are planning to source our gifts for our godchilren from Disney Store, shirts, jeans and other apparel that we are going to give for our parents and for hubby too from Tommy Hilfiger and we will definitely buy from Home Depot for our house improvement.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Holiday Shopping

Are you tired of queuing in a very long line in the cashier to pay for the items that you are going to give as gifts this Christmas? Or would you like to save some money when shopping for Christmas presents?

I found this site that offers great bargains on black friday items that will save you the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am. This site also offers to email alerts to let you know when new black friday ads have been posted. It was indeed a consumer friendly site that is very useful for planning your holiday shopping. You can save money when shopping or buying items during Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving.

If you still don't have anything in mind and need gift ideas on what you are going to give to your co-employees this Christmas you can source them from officemax specials. They have variety of office essentials that will be more useful on their everyday work. I'm sure that they will be thankful/greatful on what you are going to give them.

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Monday, November 5, 2007


I join Mylot three months ago and I could say that I'm happy joining this community, learn a lot of things from other members and earn from this community as well. I have been using since then. If you want to try it you may access that link, you may also include me as your friend.

I hope to gain more friends and learn more at the same time earn more from this site.

What a wonderful world!

catching up

We still don't have house help and it seems like there's no linaw if we're going to have one this week (I do hope na magkaron na!), hirap talagang humanap ng maid this time around. I'm really tired of doing all the domestics jobs and I even got tired during the long weekend last week as the 2 nephew of hubby spent their 2 weeks vacation here and they are so kulit.

Instead of practicing my right to vote I decided to go to dangwa to buy flowers that we are going to use for November 1. On October 31 (last day in teh office before the holidays) I left the office earlier than usual as I still need to continue the flower arrangements I started earlier that day. We decided to just stay in the cemetery to finish all the flower arrangements including the arrangements that we are going to bring to Batangas for my grandmother and other deceased relatives of my mom. So we setup our camping tent for the kids, my father, and mother-in-law to use while me and my husband decided to sleep in the Nissan Patrol with an aircon on, good thing we don't pay for the gas lol.

The whole day of November 1 was spent in Holy Garden and the kids enjoy participating with the games prepared by Holy Garden's management while the oldies spent time sleeping and eating. After the 8 minutes fireworks we went home na as we are all tired to join the camping night again.

The following day we went to Sta.Rosa cemetery to pay respect to my father's deceased parents, we only spent less than 2 hours there then we went home to rest and just postponed our plan to go to Batangas the following day to visit my mom's cousins.

Sunday we just stay at home to prepare for the long week ahead. I also started doing my blogging assignments.

Hotel Reservations

Since I was a kid I'd like to travel a lot. Whether it's just within the city or out of town. I like to go to beautiful and scenic places. And now that I am earning from my regular job and an extra from blogging I am now capable of going out of the country for a vacation and not just work related as I used to on my previous travels abroad.

I would like to travel with my husband and visit Spain which I long to see since I was young. Believe it or not I watched all shows that was shoot or featured Spain from local production to international production such as Korean films, Taiwanese films (I was even hooked on Meteor Garden especially their part 2 where they shoot in Barcelona Spain), Malay films, Indo films and the like. That's how I am love struck with the beauty of Spain.

With that dream vacation in mind, I have started checking with local travel agencies here in Philippines but the cost of their package will cost me an arm and leg. Then, I found out that some of the airlines sometimes offers great bargains on tickets during off season, great deal isn't it especially if I will be able to get their US$1 fare (of course taxes and insurance are not included)! So I tried searching for accomodations and I happen to find Hotel Reservations site and was amazed on their wide selections of accomodations from hotels, motels, resorts to vacation rentals and the like. The price are very competitive from others and sometimes even way cheaper than booking directly from hotels desk. They even offer great discounts on world wide destinations.

Just in case our dream vacation will pushed through next year we will definitely book from Hotel Reservations.

Planning this dream vacation of ours makes me so excited! I will definite visit the most famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain and I will make sure that I will be able to toss a coin in one of the fountain at the park and drink water from their running water as there's this belief that when you drink water from that you will be back in Spain. He he he

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Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

The holiday season is just a few weeks away! In three week time we will be celebrating Thanksgiving then after a month it's time for Christmas and New Year! As early as now, we already finish the list of those persons we are going to give presents this Christmas. Unfortunately all malls and other shopping destinations are already crowded with shoppers and that will give us a hard time buying gifts from those establishements.

Good thing is there to make completing our gift list a lot easier.

We are planning to give shirts for the guys so we will give out Gap coupons from instead, atleast they will be able to choose the color and style they want. For sports minded we'll give out speedo coupons. And we will order greeting cards from deals, to show everyone (even those who are abroad) that we don't forget them even if we are miles and miles apart.

As a gift for myself (a reward actually) for all the hard work and all the sacrifices I am planning to get a laptop from Dell Home coupon codes. Whoohoo lol.

Since I travel a lot (business related), I'm planning to get new Samsonite Luggages if I find great luggage online deals. I would love to get a light green luggage this time for easier identificatio.

Of course I'm not going to forget my pets so we will order some goodies from petsmart deals.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blog about loans!

About three years ago we decided to renovate our house and have a kitchen make-over. On the time of renovation we found out that our stairs does not match with the layout of our kitchen and living room so we decided to change it. That time we are already running out of budget and we need more money in order to complete the renovations of our house.

So we decided to file for a loan in one of our countries leading private bank and it took us sometime to complete all the requirements, processing and waiting for approval before we were able to get our loan. Not to mention the hassle of not report for work just to make sure that we were able to comply with the requirements of the bank.

This year we plan to buy a new car and we need to file for a car loan. But since we already experience how to have a loan with the bank me and my husband decided to search the internet to look for a better way to have a loan, and not having a large interest rate. Then we found online loans where we can have a car loan without a fuss and not getting into debt all our life.

You can also vist for personal loans and for secured or homeowner loans.

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Garage Cabinets

Aside from kitchen, audio/video room and bedroom you will often find me and my husband in the garage as we'd love to play with our 5 dogs in that area when our car is being used by my dad. All the toys for the dogs, tools that are used for the car not to mention the spare parts and garden tools are all stock in our garage area.

Good thing there's where we can order cabinets for our garage to make it more organize and to have a place where we can hide all those stuff we kept in our garage. We are really looking for a garage cabinets for such a long time good thing we were able to encounter this very reliable site when we google for a good source of cabinets.

garage cabinets is the best way to find your stuff easier!

I'm now part of PPP family!

I am finally part PayPerPost family that is growing and growing big as the days, week, months and years pass by! I've been waiting for payperpost approval from the first day I signed up my blog and even work with my blog to gain some ratings to make sure that my blog will be approved and now the long wait is over. I am now one of their newest posties and I am very very happy!

Now I can blog about the things I specifically love and at the same time get paid for it. What more can I ask for? That's what every woman love, earning while doing the things they enjoy. Moreso, I can now earn extra money that I can use to buy the things I long to buy before and the things we need for our house without needing to go outside and sweat. All I need to do is to sit infront of my computer like what I'm doing whenever I don't have work and take advantage of all the opportunities that will be given by payperpost at the comfort of my home.

I learned about Payperpost through my online community and everytime payperpost was discussed they sound very happy and satisfied with it especially on the earnings they receive so I decided to join and give it a try. Now all I need to do is to convinced my husband to convert our internet connection to broadband to make sure that I will be able to grab more oppurtunity by having a faster connection. I know that I can easily convince him when I show him how much I earn in blogging lol...

It's easy to join PPP all you need to do is sign up in and enroll your blog and wait for you blog to be approved, once your blog was approved then you can start grabbing opportunities from payperpost like what I'm doing now. Thanks to PPP for being the bridge between advertisers and bloggers and make earning dollars while blogging possible for bloggers like me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EON Visa Debit Card

Finally I was able to find a bank that can issue a visa debit card which I can use for my paypal account. Unionbank offer this kind of account for a lower membership fee so I applied last October 10, 2007 using their via internet application. What was written on the net I only need to wait for 5 working days to pick-up my card in the nearest Unionbank in our area. However when I follow-up on the status of my card last Thursday October 18, 2007 I found out that it needs 2 weeks to process my application though my application has been approved already. I only need to wait for the delivery of my card to the branch I mentioned on my application. So, I need to make another follow-up this week.

For me it's better to apply for a new account instead of using my other savings account or my credit card. With Unionbank visa electron debit card I don't have to worry that someone might use card info and spend all my savings or I will be left with lots of debt which I don't purchase.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pacquiao vs. Barrera

Another thing that Filipinos should be proud of!

Yesterday's event made another record, 0% crime rate all over metro Manila as everyone are watching the boxing match of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against the Mexican boxer Antonio Barrera that lasted up to 12th round. It was truely a much awaited event here in our country as our "pambansang kamao" used to bring honors and glory for our country.

But one thing that dis-appoint us was how one of the biggest television network did with the coverage of this event. Just to earn money for their coverage they bombarded the telecast with 18 commercials in between boxing rounds including the national anthem of each boxers and boxing arena (in fairness Kyla was able to execute the original rendition of our national anthem). Imagine before 2pm they started showing the fight between Pacquiao ang Barrera and it took them more than 2 hours to show the end of the fight we already fell asleep while infront of the tv. Now we learn our lesson, if that particular network will be the one to televise the next Pacquiao fight we will just watch it in the big screen with live telecast than losing our excitement on the boxing match.

I hope they learn their lesson on what they did as most of headlines now reflects the dis-appointment on their prolonged telecast.

Friday, October 5, 2007

right path

Yehey! It's the last of the week, Thank GOD it's Friday! But as much as I wanted to rest for this weekend I think I will not be able to. First I need to do the laundry tomorrow and I need to start early in the morning so I can still go to the super market for my grocery shopping and to pay some of my bills. Then on Sunday we need to attend the early Sunday mass instead of the usual time which is 9:00am mass, simply because we need to be home early because of Barrera-Pacquiao boxing event. My father and my husband is a boxing fanatic, they can watch a rewind of boxing fight a hundred times! Sunday afternoon we need to go to Holy Garden as our usual routine every week, sana lang umaraw naman 2 weeks na kasing umuulan pagdating namin don.

I just hope that I will be able to finish sorting our wedding pictures so I can submit our selection to my photographer for the album layout. It's been months na grabe! After this, sana tuloy-tuloy na ang pagsasaayos ko ng life ko. I want to organize this time around.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'm not in the mood to work today

I don't know what's in me but I don't feel like working today. Isn't obvious as early as this time I'm already blogging instead of focusing on my work? Well I feel like I wanted to sleep more, I feel so tired and exausted but I have to go to work as I need to submit the variance report that my boss will be using for his meeting tomorrow. No choice.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

today's recap

I wasn't able to report for work this morning as I have to meet up with my maid's in-law in Alabang because my maid wanted to leave na. So, I have to do all the household chores again hu hu hu. I wish I will be able to find better maid soon.

Since we're already in Alabang I decided to buy the tent that we are going to use for all saints day as well as the insulation para naman hindi ganon kainit in case it will be a sunny day this year. Then I pass by Wilcon Supply to buy na rin the fruit basket made of chrone material that I was eyeing since last month. Actually I'm not going to use it for fruits, I will use it for garlic, onions and tomatoes kasi we use to buy 1 kilo each sometimes more pa nga. Sana lang hindi sya mangalawang agad.

Now I only need to add some more foldable chairs for all saints day, but we are going to use them na rin sa house pag may maraming visitors. And good thing is I already got my hubby's approval.

Monday, October 1, 2007

my mother in-law's birthday

Today is my mother in-law's birthday but we decided to celebrate it yesterday because my husband is here with us, he's now based in nueva ecija so he can only come home every weekend that is if his subject goes to cebu where his family is living. Aside from that some of her apo from Bonifacio came here last saturday to spend their weekend. I will share some of our pictures taken yesterday.

Here's the cake we order from Goldilocks Sta. Rosa. Good thing they are effecient and can accept orders in short notice because I was only able to order the cake 2 days before the event as I'm so busy with all the office reports.
After blowing of birthday candles and making wishes.

Unahan sa pagkuha ng gold choco coins he he he

Us having picnic in my mother's graveyard. It's raining that time, my hubby just covered the camera with a cap to avoid getting it wet. madiskarte he he he

Then after the blowing of candles we proceed to Holy Garden as part of our weekly visit to my mom. We have baon and eat our merienda there, we have spaghetti, cake and ice tea. Saya ng picnic! Unfortunately it's raining so we only stay there for about an hour and a half because we don't have tent yet so we only have huge umbrella like the one used by vendors only a lot bigger than theirs. Good thing I bought a foldable table that we were able to use that same day he he he.

first day of the month

Time fly really fast. Since last month I already heard a lot of christmas songs in some of radio station also in some of my officemates sounds. Now its already October and in just a few weeks I will be busy as a bee in preparing for all saints day. Since 2005 my cousin thought me how to go to Dangwa for the flowers I have to arrange for my "nanay" and lola's puntod and to my other relatives that my nanay used to give flowers and candle when she's still alive. I'm kinda continue her tradition para naman hindi sya magtampo. At hindi nila masabing nawala lang sya nawala na rin ang nagdadala ng flowers sa mga relatives nya. Since I used to arrange a LOT of flower arrangements I really have to go to Dangwa for a great buy. The price of flowers here in Laguna are more than double than the price in Dangwa, imagine the price of 1 dozen orchids here is P300 above while the price of 3 dozens of the same type of orchids in Dangwa is only P250 sometimes may tawad pa...

This month is also my tatay's birthday and this year he will be 60 years old na. So I'm planning to celebrate his birthday this time, pero hindi nya pa alam ha ha ha. My first plan is to celebrate it in a resort for a small family gathering lang but due to money issues I change plan to celebrate his birthday in Dampa for a fresh seafood dinner sana. But I'm thinking twice na rin since I heard a lot of comment to better celebrate at home with his kumpadres since 60th birthday is a milestone daw. So I might order a cake with boxing as a theme since that's his favorite sports naman then we will cook something for lunch and a spaghetti for merienda and those who doesn't want to eat rice na rin. I might buy some balloons na rin para naman ma feel ang birthday he he he

By the way, we just celebrate my mother in law's birthday yesterday though today is her real birthday kaya pala sya malungkot kanina. I forgot to greet her this morning before I left for the office, my gulay... I will post more on this birthday celebration and pictures later... I have to finish all my reports for today first. =)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

my wish list

These are the things I wanted to have for my birthday, for Christmas, for new year, for valentine's or for anniversary. Whatever ocassion it might be. I can buy some of the items that has lower value a gift for myself or rewards for my hard work but how I wish that someone will be them to me as gift he he he... Let's face it I can't afford some of the items in the list unless I won a lottery which I haven't join for the past months na.

I do hope that my hubby will be able to read this post. Desperate wife ang dating ha ha ha

Nextbase portable dvd
Nokia N95

IBM Thinkpad laptop

Maltese puppy

Shih Tzuh puppy

Golden Retriever puppy

Apple Ipod Video 160GB

Olympus Digital Camera

Sony PSP Philip Stein Watch Persian Cat
Professional Camera (Nikon D200)

Monday, September 24, 2007

yulo's day - september 24

It's holiday today in Calamba City where I live and work in celebration of Yulo's day. Before they only declared holiday in Canlubang which is owned by Yulo's clan. September 24 is the eldest Yulo's birthday and since he had so many good works and had help so many people the whole city of Calamba declared this day as holiday in due respect on what he did.

But since the holiday was only declared in this city, some of us are required to report for work today to answer calls from those who are not on holiday. Now I have time to blog here in the office. But I still need to finish may work too.

Also, today is Olsen's birthday my hubby's nephew on his eldest brother. I really fancy this kid, he's so smart, loving and sweet. Not to mention too big too like his tito now he he he

Sunday, September 23, 2007

my not so new bag

Finally I was able to use the bag that I bought 2 months ago from Celine Department Store. I was able to but at 50% discount and it's a good buy.

Good thing hubby was not around when I used the bag, so he did not saw my not so new bag or else lagot ako.... I have 3 new bags kasi as of this moment and the truth is, I haven't use them all yet.

Here's the picture of the bag

hubby's new shoes

Last September 18, 2007 hubby bought a set of Merrell rubber shoes since he's old rubber shoes was given to his niece. And they are going to have a very strenuous exercise (they will climb a mountain equivalent to 140 story building high, with stairs naman though very stiff daw according to him. baka paawa effect lang) last Friday in celebration on their very good safety record.

Below is the picture of what we bought. I really like the style and color. By the way, it was bought the day we bought my first set of crocs, papatalo ba naman ako though mas mahal pa rin yung shoes nya he he he. I just wasn't able to take picture of his new rubber shoes then because he already wear them right after we pay for it. To get used with his new shoes daw.


Then, when we celebrate our 9th monthsary as husband and wife last September 20, 2007, we pass by an adidas outlet with sale on all item at paseo de Sta. Rosa he bought another set of shoes for his basketball tournament this time, he said that his merrell is not that comfortable for playing basketball. I make lambing for him to buy me a set of rubber shoes for jugging (as if nagja jugging ako ha ha ha) since I'm an adidas girl also unfortunately he doesn't have enough cash that day and he was declined when he used his credit card. Worst, I intend not to bring my bag with all my cards and wallet that night since I was with him. That's life I think that's not for me. He made promise naman that when we return there he will buy me a shoes since that particular has a sale all year round based on the information that was given to us by their manager. Hurray. By that time I hope they already have a good selections of rubber shoes for woman.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to Say Sorry to Him

Your man and you just had a fight. It could have been sorted out there and then, but the situation was such that none of you felt like talking. Now, you are in your room, sulking alone. You wish you could turn back time and made everything okay by apologizing to him. You are totally clueless about how to say sorry to him. This is where we come in the scene as we bring you creative and meaningful ways for saying sorry to a guy. Read on further to know why is it said that actions speak louder than words!

  • Guys do not prefer sitting down immediately after a fight and talk about it. They are usually raging inside and you can get a taste of their bad attitude if you force them to listen to you.
  • Leave your man alone to give him time to cool down. Do not bother him with phone calls or text messages. Most of the times guys are ones who call up to talk things out.
  • Wait for a day or two. Then go to their place and sort things out. Again, make sure he hasn't had a bad day at work or any other sort of thing that has him in low spirits.
  • Contrary to what some people think, guys like flowers too. It is absolutely cool to give your man flowers and make him good dinner to make him feel special.
  • Make sure you pamper him and tell him how much you love him after you apologize. Spend some cozy moments together and let him know that he is special and means a lot to you.

How to Say Sorry to Her

You have had your first big fight with her and it is all a big mess. Now you are wondering as to how to say sorry to her. You love her a lot and wouldn't want to lose her for a lame reason like a fight. Saying sorry to girl never killed anyone! Yet, somehow it is never too easy to utter the word "Sorry". Swallow your ego and bury your pride in the backyard. Apologizing to her is all about making her feel special. Read on further about some ideas to say sorry to her and trust me, it is all for the better.

  • Analyze the situation. Don't force her to accept your apology if she has still not relaxed. It can only make the situation worse.
  • Let her calm down and approach her when she is cool enough to talk again.
  • Never ever apologize on the phone or the Internet. It is way too impersonal and shows how insensitive you are. If you have a problem facing her and talking, then write her a letter and deliver it yourself. Wait outside until she reads it fully.
  • Accept your mistake and get done with it as soon as possible. Don't go over the situation and what caused the fight again and again.
  • If she asks for time, don't hesitate. Ask her what you can do to make her feel better and be genuine. Your feelings have to be heartfelt. Always remember, a woman can see through fake feelings.
  • A bunch of flowers or a small gift can help a lot in making a woman feel better and cared of. And you have better chances of patching up again!

How to Say Sorry

Any relation is bound to have its highs and lows. Sometimes the lows are so low that you end up in a fight. The agony of sulking and being away from your partner is worse than going to Hell. You seem to be blank about how to say sorry. Patching up after a fight has never been so difficult. Read on further to find out ways to apologize to your partner and get your relationship back on track.

Though it may seem odd at first, saying sorry to a loved one has its own benefits. You become more understanding and more tolerant of each other. You can tackle those petty issues that keep cropping up between the two of you without making a big fuss about it. Given below are a few tips to make it even more genuine and romantic.

  • Make sure you don't make a big fuss about saying sorry. It is just one word and remember, it can either make or break your relationship.
  • Say it with flowers and anything that your partner loves. If she loves dancing, take her out for a slow dance and say you are sorry while she is dancing in your arms. If he loves bowling, go out for a game together and tell him when he has finished striking all pins that you are sorry.
  • Never start arguing as to who started the fight first. No use looking back on something that is just not worth. Else, you will be back on square one.
  • Make sure you are genuinely sorry for your mistakes. Don't try to fake up feelings just for the heck of it. Remember, it could happen to you too someday.
  • Value your partner. Learn to respect his/her feelings and don't do things to hurt him/her deliberately.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mental Abuse - The 7 Most Important Things To Know

by Annie Kaszina
1. Sticks and stones won’t break my bones” – and words won’t leave any measurable physical damage, but they will cause progressive, long-term harm. Never underestimate the power of words: words are used to brainwash.

Being told you are “stupid”, “ugly”, “lazy” or “worthless” is never acceptable. The first times you hear it, it will hurt, naturally. In time you “may get used to” hearing it from a partner. That’s when you start to internalise and believe it. When that happens you are doing the other person’s work of putting you down for them. This is why your feelings of self-worth suffer increasingly over time.

The good news is that just as words have been used to bring you down, you can learn to harness the power of words to build you up and restore your confidence and belief in yourself.

2. You are always told that it’s your fault. Somehow, whatever happens, however it starts, the ultimate blame is always yours. Notice that we are talking ultimate blame here. The blaming partner will always tell you that their behaviour was caused by what you said or did. In fact, their argument runs along the lines that you can’t possibly blame them for anything, because if you hadn’t said what you said, or done what you did it would never have happened.

3. You’re more inclined to believe your partner than you are to believe yourself. Have you ever reeled with a sense of hurt and injustice, or seethed with anger at the way you’ve been treated? Have you found yourself asking: “Is it reasonable to feel like this?” “Am I misinterpreting things?” “Have I got it wrong?”

If this is you, what it means is that you have become so brainwashed you’ve stopped trusting in your own judgement. Your mind keeps throwing up the observations and questions because, deep down, you know that what is happening is utterly wrong. But right now you can’t feel the strength of your own convictions.

4. You need your partner to acknowledge your feelings. Have you ever felt desperate to make your partner hear what you are saying and apologise for the hurtful things they’ve said? Have you ever felt that only they can heal the pain they’ve caused?

Does your need for them to validate your feelings keep you hooked into the relationship?
When a partner constantly denies or refuses to listen to your feelings, that is, unquestionably, mental abuse.

5. Your partner blows hot and cold. He can be very loving but is often highly critical of you. He may tell you how much he loves you, yet he is short on care or consideration towards you. In fact, some of the time, maybe even a lot of the time, he treats you as if you were someone he truly dislikes.

You do everything you can to make him happy, but it’s never good enough. You’re more like the pet dog in the relationship than you are the equal partner. Your constant efforts to get his attention and please him meet with limited success. Sometimes he’ll be charmed, often he’s dismissive.

If you find yourself puzzling about how your partner can treat you that way, it is because you are trying to live in a love-based relationship, when in reality you are living in a control-based relationship. The mental abuser struggles with his own feelings of worthlessness and uses his relationship to create a feeling of personal power, at his partner’s expense.

6. You feel as if you are constantly walking on eggshells. There is a real degree of fear in the relationship. You have come to dread his outbursts, the hurtful things that he will find to say to you. (Maybe the same anxiety and need to please spill over into your other relationships also.)

Fear is not part of a loving relationship, but it is a vital part of a mentally abusive relationship. It enables the abuser to maintain control over you.

7. You can heal. Mentally abusive relationships cause enormous emotional damage to the loving partner who tries, against all odds, to hold the relationship together and, ultimately, can’t do it, because her partner is working against her.

Whether you are currently in a mentally abusive relationship, have left one recently, or years later are still struggling with the anxieties and low self-worth and lack of confidence caused by mental abuse, it is never too late to heal.

But you do need to work with a person or a programme specifically geared to mental abuse recovery.

Women who have suffered mental abuse expect radical change of themselves, and they expect it right away. This is why they often struggle and, not uncommonly, take up with another abusive partner.

Mental abuse recovery is a gradual process. Low self-worth and limiting beliefs about what kind of future the abuse sufferer can ever hope for are the blocks that can stop women from moving on. But they are blocks that you can clear very effectively. Just as language was once used to harm you, you can now learn how language can heal you. You can overcome past mental abuse and keep yourself safe from it in the future. You can also learn to feel strong, believe in yourself and create the life and the relationships you truly want.

“The Woman You Want To Be” is a unique workbook designed to accompany you on a year long journey into emotional health and happiness.

(C) 2005 Annie Kaszina

Joyful Coaching

An NLP Practitioner and Women's Empowerment Coach, Annie specialises in helping women heal the trauma of the past, so they can enjoy the present and look forward to the future. To subscribe to Annie's twice monthly ezine, or order her eBook 'The Woman You Want To Be, go: to
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weekend bonding

We were supposed to deliver electric generator to California Energy at Pantabangan Nueva Ecija but the plan changed when we are already in Pampanga. Instead we went to San Jose, Nueva Ecija to turn over the changed parts to co employee and pick-up those who conduct livelihood seminar to employee's spouses. Mrs. Rivera who has a show at 774 one of our AM station and daily morning show in channel 4, 9, and 13 gave a me a list of their seminar schedule for the whole month of September because I'm interested to take them meat processing, candle making and some another level baking class.

Below is the picture of some of the view going to Nueva Ecija:

North Luzon Expressway

Getting nearer and nearer

But before that journey we went to glorietta to buy rubber shoes for my husband (Merrille) and I was supposed to buy their slipper type since my husband liked the color but instead he got me a crocs. My first crocs he he he. Below is the picture of my crocs. I so love it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



The bulldog is a stocky breed, with a compact body and short, sturdy limbs. Its shape results in a peculiarly unique gait. Bulldogs are known for their short muzzles and the saggy skin on their faces, creating the apparent "frown" that has become a trademark of the breed. Bulldogs come in a variety of colours and ideally have a smooth, short coat. In the US, the size of a typical mature male is about 50 pounds; that for mature females is about 40 pounds. In the United Kingdom, the breed standard is 55 pounds for a male and 50 pounds for a female.

Temperament and characteristics

The temperament of the Bulldog is generally docile, friendly and gregarious but are known to be fiercely loyal. Breeders have worked to breed aggression out of the breed, and as such the dog is known to be of generally good temperament. Bulldogs can be so attached to home and family that they will not venture out of the yard without a human companion. Due to their friendly nature bulldogs are known for getting along well with children, other breeds of dog and any house-broken pet in general.
A bulldog is suitable for houses as well as apartments due to their size and comparative lack of energy, but puppies may be destructive until they reach maturity.


The bulldog is prone to some health issues but no more so than most other pure breed dogs. Breathing issues can be prevalent in the breed due to the shape of the lower jaw and the shortness of muzzle - bulldogs are known to snore. In the United Kingdom, some dogs can be prone to interstitial cysts, that is cysts which form between the toes. These cause the dog some discomfort, though they are treatable either by vet or an experienced owner. Other problems can include cherry eye, certain allergies and amongst older bulldogs, hip issues.

Because of the large heads in proportion to body size, puppies are frequently delivered by Caesarean section as they can get stuck in the birth canal during natural birth, however it is not uncommon for a bulldog bitch to whelp naturally and successfully.

Bulldogs require daily cleaning of their face folds to avoid unwanted infections caused by moisture accumulation. Daily teeth brushing with a regular human soft toothbrush using a vet approved toothpaste is also recommended.

Like all dogs, Bulldogs require daily exercise. If not properly exercised the bulldog could gain weight, which could cause health problems relating to the lungs and heart. Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat and great care should be given to the dog during overly warm periods. During these times, ensure the dog has plenty of shade, water and should be ideally kept out of standing heat.

As the breed has developed, the tail in some dogs can be tight to the body and can cause infection if not treated or cleaned underneath regularly.


The term "bulldog" was first used around 1568[1] and might have been applied to various ancestors of modern bulldog breeds.

The oldest single breed specialty club is The Bulldog Club (England), which was formed in 1875. Members of this club met frequently at the Blue Post pub on Oxford Street in London. There they wrote the first standard of perfection for the breed. In 1891 the two top bulldogs, Orry and Dockleaf, competed in a contest to see which dog could walk the farthest. King Orry was reminiscent of the original bulldogs — lighter boned and very athletic. Dockleaf was smaller and heavier set — more like modern bulldogs. Dockleaf was declared the winner that year. Although some argued that the older version of the bulldog was more fit to perform, the modern version’s looks won over the fans of the breed because they proved they were equally as fit and athletic in the walking competition.

Recently, many people have tried to recreate a breed more akin to the original bullbaiter. Examples of the trend are the Olde Englishe Bulldogge, Renascence Bulldog, Victorian, Continental and Dorset Old Tyme Bulldog. The AKC does not recognize any of these newly "recreated" breeds of dogs.

facts about coffee

Coffee is enjoyed as a drink by millions of people world-wide and has been for at least a thousand years. It contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulant, and in many people coffee drinking enhances alertness, concentration and mental and physical performance. Although it contains a wide variety of substances, it is generally accepted that caffeine is responsible for many of coffee’s physiological effects. Because caffeine influences the central nervous system in a number of ways and because a small number of people may be particularly sensitive to these effects, some people have attributed all sorts of health problems to coffee. Caffeine is not recognised as a drug of abuse and there is no evidence for caffeine dependence. Some particularly sensitive people may suffer mild symptoms of withdrawal after sudden abstention from coffee drinking. A 150 ml cup of instant coffee contains about 60mg caffeine and filter coffee contains about 85 mg. For those who like coffee but are sensitive to caffeine, the decaffeinated beverage contains only 3 mg per cup.

There is no sound evidence that modest consumption of coffee has any effects on the outcomes of pregnancy or on the wellbeing of the infant. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency issued guidelines for caffeine intake during pregnancy with an upper limit of 300mg/day. This figure is in line with that stated in 1999 by the EU Scientific Committee on Food who said that 'While intakes up to 300mg/day appear to be safe, the question of possible effects on pregnancy and the offspring at regular intakes above 300mg/day remains open. Despite a small negative effect on calcium balance which can easily be made up from other dietary sources there is no evidence that this is translated into any effect on bone health. It has been known for over 100 years that coffee drinking can help asthma sufferers by improving ventilatory function.

There is no evidence that coffee increases the risk of cancer of the female breast, ovary, pancreas or kidney. It is now accepted that the small increased risk of bladder cancer sometimes associated with coffee drinking is primarily caused by cigarette smoking. There is also evidence that coffee protects against colon cancer and preliminary evidence that it protects against male breast cancer.

There is no evidence that coffee increases the risk of heart disease. Moderate consumption of coffee does not increase cardiac arrhythmias. In some sensitive individuals, ingestion of coffee after a period of abstinence may cause a temporary rise in blood pressure but there is no persistent hypertensive effect in the long term. Coffee made by the Scandinavian method of boiling or by the cafetiere method may cause mild elevation of plasma cholesterol concentration in some people but instant and filter coffee have no such effects. Although coffee elevates plasma homocysteine levels this effect is not large enough to have a significant effect on the risk of heart disease.

There is no evidence that coffee promotes indigestion in the majority of people. Although coffee is known to increase heartburn this effect is not large enough to justify advising people with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease to abstain from drinking coffee. There is no evidence that coffee increases the risk of developing peptic ulcer disease. There is some evidence that coffee may protect against gallstone disease.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic but scientific studies do not support the idea that caffeinated beverages exaggerate dehydration and electrolyte loss caused by exercise. There is some evidence that coffee may protect against the development of kidney stones.
Evidence is growing that coffee might protect against the development of Parkinson’s disease and a few studies suggest that it might also protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The relationship between coffee consumption and diabetes is an area of active investigation but no clear picture has emerged so far. Available evidence suggests that coffee might also protect against liver cirrhosis.

Coffee has a much higher total in-vitro antioxidant activity than other commonly consumed beverages. This is due in part to intrinsic compounds of coffee such as chlorogenic acid, in part to compounds formed during coffee bean roasting such as melanoidins and in part to as yet unidentified compounds. It is widely believed that antioxidants protect against the development of chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer but whether the antioxidants characteristic of coffee have such effects remains to be determined

reports... reports.... reports.... and more reports

I have so many reports that I need to submit today. And to think that they only assign them to me yesterday and TODAY is the deadline!!! oh my gosh. I still need to attend 2 meetings today and finish these reports... So i have to log out first because I need to focus on my reports... Wish me luck^___^

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

car insurance

Everytime we have to register our vehicle to our Local Transfortation Office we are being asked for the copy of insurance now there's a great way of getting insurance without the hassle of going back and fort to insurance office. With the help of online insurance policy all you have to do is click on online insurance policy and they will do the hard work for you.

They also offer great rates for any type of vehicle, whether used or a brand new car, even if it's classic or a modern one. They work with the established insurance agents so there's nothing to worry about.

Applying is quick and easy. All you have to do is just give them the informations they need and they will give you the better car insurance rates.

Monday, September 10, 2007

having extra income

Blogging is one of relaxing ang letting go of your stress. Now you can also earn money while blogging with the use of Blogsvertise , what more can you ask for? You enjoy the benefits of blogging and at the same time earning while enjoying those benefits.

All you need to do is register your blog and have it reviewed and checked for approval. Once approved, you'll be emailed with assignments to write about and they'll be providing you with a website url and a brief note. What you have to do then is to link back the website three times in your blog entry, make it permanent and submit it for review.

So if you want to earn while blogging, go and sign up at and you'd probably wished you've done it sooner.

Blogsvertise is a great way of earning while staying in front of your computer.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Pay Per Post

We all want to earn money and pay per post is giving us opportunity to earn while we document everything that is happening in our life. Enjoying the benefits of new technology. What can you ask for?


It's so funny reading and answering some discussion in mylot but the great thing of doing so is that you learn something from others that you don't even know and at the same time you earn not only cyber friends but also dollars.. Would you believe that? Now that's what you called life

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tweetums is sick

Last sunday my hubby noticed that tam-tams is somehow matamlay and does not want to play so i asked my father if there's anything wrong with tam-tams. That's the only time we've learn that tam-tams have lessen her appetite to eat so we bring her to the vet last monday, she was given shots and medicines to recover. The medicines are in the form of tablets! It's not easy to give tablets to a dog my gullayyy...

Anyway, as of yesterday she not back yet in her being makulit and magaslaw mode. I hope she get well soon as Sunday our bonding and gala time is only 3 days away....

feeling low emotionally and physically

Im not feeling well today due to puyat. My hubby arrived from work past midnight so now I only have less than 6 hours of sleep. And the first news i heard today is so frustrating. Though I was able to confirm that it's not true still the impact of that news haven't left me yet. :(

having a baby

This morning one of my friend gave birth to a healthy and bouncing (literally since the baby is already 4.1kgs) baby boy via cesarian section. I was able to view their baby in the nursery and boy he look likes his mom! He also has a dimple on his right cheek, though the eye brow he gets from his dad... now we are all hoping that he wont get the genes of his dad when it come to his hair because his dad undergo hair plantation 2 years ago due to baldness. peace bro! :)

Congratulation for having a wonderful baby. I hope I will be the one to give birth to a healthy baby next year...

Here's the picture of their baby

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


2 long weekends had passed and yet I was not able to blog but that's because hubby and I would like to have some quality time together since he only come home every weekend due to the nature of his work.

We started our sundays by hearing mass, then we went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients needed for our lunch. After our sumptuous lunch we take a nap then we went to memorial garden to visit my mom and to play with our dogs too. Tweetums and Christoffe loves to roam and play with their ball at holy garden memorial garden, they also love to mingle with other visitors.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

getting started

atlast i have a new blog where i can voice out everything that makes me happy and that includes my dogs that we treat as if they were my kids :)

get ready because im going to post everything and anything as long as i have internet connection.