Monday, April 21, 2008

my nephew's wedding

Yesterday was my most love-nephew's wedding which started at 6:30am (30 minutes later than their scheduled wedding). He is the 2nd son of my 2nd degree cousin from my mother side. You see I'm an only child, my mother's only sibling doesn't have a family so basically I'm an only child in the family. The main reason why I'm really close to all my cousins and nephews upto the nth degree. Majority of my nephews are older than me and we are all like a barkada and buddy-buddy type. Those who do not know us will definitely think that we are a group of people with romantic relationship ;).

On my nephew's wedding I can't help but reminisce my own wedding last year where he was our best man. Just a year after my wedding it's his time to start his new life. One thing for sure I will really miss him as I was once his most favored Tita to the point that whenever I want something he will surely deliver no matter what. Now her wife will be the center of his life....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

free wi-fi

Finally I was able to download my yahoo messenger in my new toy. Good thing there's a free Wi-Fi access in Burger King so downloading is hassle free. I always make tambay in Starbucks Paseo de Santa Rosa before, because a the good and relaxing ambiance. Now I prefer going here in Burger King Calamba, aside from distance wise I also want to take advantage on the free Wi-fi access. Their food is reasonable too and I'm near to all the place that I used to visit.

Thanks to the free access in Burger King.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

death of a love one

It's not easy lossing a love one especially if it's your mother. I just arrive from Bay to visit the wake of my friend's mother who died this morning while my friend is still in the office, same thing had happen to me almost three years ago. I lost my mom May 2, 2005 it's an economic holiday in lieu of May 1 (labor day) and since it was the first day of the month I am of those required to report for work for month end reporting as I'm in Sales and Marketing department. I just arrive in the office which is only 5 minutes drive from home when my father called in hysterical because my mom passed away. I wasn't able to talk to my mom, she wasn't able to make "habilins" like other's do. It wasn't expected, a day before she died she's very energetic though she's already a bed ridden, her appetite came back to normal and she became talkative and very sweet but my husband noticed that she keep on watching us on whatever we do as if trying to make paalam and sort of saying that she's going to miss us.

Thiugh it's been three years, I really miss her. I'm one of those children that wasn't able to live away from their mom. We are really close to each other, we are not just a typical mother-daughter we are more on sisters and best friends. We keep on updating each other on our daily happpening before going to bed. Everyday I leave for school or work the house or coming home we kiss and hug each other as if we miss each other. She's the first to know that I have a suitor or a boyfriend, I alway seek her advice and guidance on whatever decision I make she's doing the same with me even if it concern our house renovation and design of their bedding. If I don't like what she wear she change it that's how close we are. Eversince I was a child she keeps on telling me not to keep quiet if I think I'm right, that everything can be discussed with her. She even told me that eventhough she's my mom it doesn't mean that she's alway right, I have the right to answer back with respect since she's still the senior. I'm looking forward on the day that I will see her again...

How I wish I will be able to raise my future children same as how my mom raised me.

new maid

Finally our new maid is here na, now I can rest on weekends and holidays. She's from Pangasinan and she doesn't want to travel so we can't bring her with us everytime we go to Batangas to visit my mom's relatives and also our Calamsi farm. She looks okay naman, today is her first day and as of this moment she already clean the second floor area and the common comfort room near the guest room. Hopefully this is not "pakitang tao" and that she will continue being masipag. But she's somehow madaldal, actually her voice and my mother in law's woke me up. But it's okay at least I was able to blog before going to office. I wasn't able to blog last night as we need to fetch her in bus stop (this has a boo boo, long story next time na lang) and hubby requested rin for us to rest early last night, he's so tired kasi.

By the way her name is Pam.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

our month end madness

We have a lot of reports for submission every month end and all reports has deadlines for us to be able to pass our DIFOT that makes us all mad whenever we encounter problem wether big or small. It is really irritating whenever your staff work as if she didn't care about your deadlines or doesn't know the meaning of quality works. You will end up checking everything she does which will consume your time or worst missed your deadline.

That's what happen to me this afternoon. Everything are all okay, all reports are submitted on time, but when our finance manager checked one of our reports which was responsibility of my staff, she found out that the figures from the past 2 months has been changed. That gave our department a demerit, sadly when we fail one report all other reports that were submitted on time will have no bearing, our department's standing now is 1/3 or one passed for the first quarter.