Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tyhoon Frank

This typhoon sure knows how to ruin all my plans this weekend. Though yesterday hindi pa masyadong malakas ang ulan at hangin but early this morning you can really tell that there's a typhoon by the sound and impact of strong winds and heavy rain. I was not able to sleep well sa sobrang takot sa bagyo. May phobia na kasi ako sa bagyo, way back 1995 with bagyong rosing natanggal ang bubong namin, buti na umaga kaya hindi kami nasaktan (our 2nd floor partially collapsed and on the side on my room).

GOD is with us. Buti na lang!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good News!

The pregnancy test shows 2 lines though the second one is medyo malabo, but it's only because I'm still on my early weeks of my pregnancy.

It's confirmed by my OB (Dra. Mae Villareal) that I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I can't explain my happiness. Now a days I can't help but smile, even though I have a lot of reports in the office I still can smile.

I just have 1 problem at the moment, I'm suffering from toothache and my dentist can't do anything about it because of my condition. The tooth under my denture bridge has a problem and we can only know the cure if we have it x-ray which is a big no-no for pregrant like me :(. Now I just need to sacrifice and endure all pain for the sake of my baby or for me to go to a dentist specializing on pregnant woman, or a chinese doctor who can cure tootache, or an albularyo with such kind of talent. Now where can I find one?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Answered Prayer

When I was young I always tell my mom that when I got married I want to conceive a year after I got married as I want to have one year for me and my husband a time for ourselves and to adjust to our new life. But since I got married on my late 20's my plan changed, I wanted to have a baby right away. But GOD has a better plan, I did not conceive the year I got married. As of today, I'm married for a year and 4 months na.

Since the time I got married last year (January 20 to be exact), I never failed to pray na sana bigyan na ako ni LORD ng little angel. At the moment, I'm 5 days delayed and has some symptoms of having a baby so I had a pregnancy test this morning and it shows 1 strong line and 1 line na medyo malabo pa. I'm going to visit my OB this morning para makasigurado as I also feel some pain on my lower belly.

I will post here the result of my check-up.

I hope GOD really answer my prayer na....