Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got a taste of bad week

It's actually almost a month, I got mumps end of October which is really-really bad since we have a lot of reports during month end. I was on leave 'til first week of November since my mumps was really severe. I did all extra precaution not to infect my son, i wear surgical mask whenever he's around even when I sleep so I won't spread the virus at home. I refrain holding him which did hurt me and made me miss him so much.

Much to my regret, I just came back for work on November 9 from my very long sick leave when my son was hospitalized due gastroenteritis. He's already dehydrated when he arrive in the ER of CDH so he was required to be admitted right away. He was discharge after 4 days.

Due to my absences my salary was affected, my budget suffered. So we need to think of a way on how to earn extra money to save on cases like this. One thing I can think of is creating my own online business so I starting researching on how to run this kind of business moreso on how the payment will be done. I happen to find Five Star Payments they offer Payment Processing services for retail establishment business and internet websites. This is really timely and helpful at same time. This will really be helpful in my future plan.

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