Sunday, May 18, 2008


I live in a neighborhood where everyone treat each other like a part of their own family. When I was young a yaya or a caregiver is not a must to hire. Kids are taken care by those who doesn't have a job. All kids grew up like sisters and brothers we were all barkada's who defend each others from dayong mga bata. Every time there's an occassion oldies help each others preparing for the occassion, like cleaning the house, preparing the tables, cutting meat and vegetables and cooking dishes even if it means sacrificing some sleep.

I remember when I was young I was taken care of Manang Bibeng wife of Manong Jun, they have an only daughter whom I called Ate Ellaine, that's one thing in common we had, having a small family (I'm an only child too). During that time, Manong June is still working in Yamaha Philippines and Manang is a plain housewife. They are also fond of dogs and I'm always at their house since my mom still have a work during that time.

But last night, Manong Jun passed away after a month of struggling on cancer and diabetis. It's time to bid good bye to Manong Jun, we will surely miss you. Thank you for everything.

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