Saturday, June 14, 2008

Answered Prayer

When I was young I always tell my mom that when I got married I want to conceive a year after I got married as I want to have one year for me and my husband a time for ourselves and to adjust to our new life. But since I got married on my late 20's my plan changed, I wanted to have a baby right away. But GOD has a better plan, I did not conceive the year I got married. As of today, I'm married for a year and 4 months na.

Since the time I got married last year (January 20 to be exact), I never failed to pray na sana bigyan na ako ni LORD ng little angel. At the moment, I'm 5 days delayed and has some symptoms of having a baby so I had a pregnancy test this morning and it shows 1 strong line and 1 line na medyo malabo pa. I'm going to visit my OB this morning para makasigurado as I also feel some pain on my lower belly.

I will post here the result of my check-up.

I hope GOD really answer my prayer na....

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