Sunday, March 30, 2008

the difference between dsl and dial-up

There's a big difference talaga between DSL access and dial-up. I know everyone knows about these. But grabe talaga, imagine it took me 1 hour to install yahoo messenger using a dial-up connection while in the office it only took me 6 minutes to complete the installation and voila I was able to start chatting with friends agad.

Dial-up consume alot of time and energy talaga. So sana and sana talaga maikabit na ang DSL namin... It's almost 4 months na rin kasi since I applied for this. We are not in a remote nor a forest area naman, why do they keep on delaying the connection. Last week I thought were going to have it na but after 3days of attempting to install the connection in my old PC the PLDT personnel is having a headache na. Imagine naman kasi na for 3 consecutive day they come in our house just to try if it will work but wala pa rin so better luck this week.

I promise to update this blog often and blog hop lagi as soon as we have our DSL connection....

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