Monday, March 31, 2008

More About Me

got this TAG from nol. Thanks po...

I AM... soft spoken and shy type
I WANT... a DSLR camera, a new 22" LCD monitor and Sony HD video camera
I HAVE… a loving and thoughtful husband and loyal and sweet dogs
I WISH… I'm already preggy
I HATE… being stress at times
I FEAR… death of my loved ones
I SEARCH… for more ways to earn $
I WONDER… when will I earn more $ from this blog
I LOVE… travelling and playing with my dogs
I ALWAYS… pray for myself, my family and others
I AM NOT… plastic
I DANCE… whenever I'm inside the bathroom or in front of my husband ;)
I SING… when I'm inside the bathroom
I CRY… whenever I miss my mom
I WRITE…when I have time to blog
I WON… a multi purpose cooker in our Christmas party last year
IAM CONFUSED… on how to increase the traffic on my blog
I SHOULD… be more focused on what I do

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… the blessings that GOD poured me and I thank HIM for all the blessings

Now I'm tagging Dorxie, Peachy and Tweety.

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