Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm on my 5th month of pregnancy

I'm exactly 5 month's pregnant today and I'm so happy that I always feel my baby's movement. Hubby is so amazed that our baby is very active and usually shows early signs of being active. On my 3rd month I can already feel the pintig that others only feels towards the end of their 4th month. On my baby's 9th weeks we were able to hear na my baby's heart beat, so I was not required to undergo an ultrasound agad to know if the baby's alive or not because the baby is so excited to show of agad he he he.

When we are having dinner a while a go, the baby moves several times and my mother in law commented that I might carrying a baby boy and she thinks that this baby will be a basketball player someday, because according to her the baby is so active na and the baby is playing basketball na inside my tummy ha ha ha

I also noticed that hubby got more excited hearing that her mother thinks that we're going to have a baby boy... ayaw pang umamin na gusto rin nya ng boy e...

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