Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bad day

I feel so tired today and I'm not in the mode all day. First, I wasn't able to sleep well last night because my mother in law is sick and we still don't know her illness. Then when we bring her to a doctor to have a thourough check-up I got engage in vehicular accident, well almost which I should be thankful! When we are about to go down from a jeepney in front of the hospital it suddenly run! Imagine, my mother in law is already 75 years and not in good condition due to her illness and I'm 6 month pregnant, we almost fell from the jeepney if we were not able to balance ourselves. To protect myself from falling from that jeepney I opted to jump. All the medical staff who saw the incident was shocked! Good thing, one of them is so alert that she was able to get the plate number of that jeepney. In that instance I called my husband to report the incident to Land Transportion Office to blotter that stupid jeepney driver!

I was in shock and afraid that something wrong might happen to my baby, that I cried when I heard the voice of my husband from the other line... so he calm me down and asked me to relax for our baby's sake.

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