Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visit to Paseo de Sta. Rosa

Yesterday we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to have our late lunch at Brother's Burger, which I crave for more than 2 weeks now. We actually have a lot of plan for that day but since our time was spent waiting for a very long queue on my pre-natal check-up we have to re-do our itinerary for the day. Imagine I was there in the hospital as early as 10:30am but I only got in at 2:15pm, good thing there's a good news on the result of all my blood test as I have mention on my previous post.

After we had our very late lunch, we went to all for less store to buy crocs which I can use in the office since they don't allow an open shoes, I'd like to have closed pair of shoes, unfortunately they only have limited colors and design and they don't have the color of the one I liked which I first saw in Glorietta a week ago. We went out of that store empty handed.

Originally we plan to stay at Starbucks to kill time and to relax but since it's already late we just forgo this plan and just agreed to drop by the wet market to check if there's any fresh seafood that we can cook for dinner.

On our way to the wet market we pass by a newly open gun store which we did visit since both hubby and I has a love for guns and it's accessories. We both love target shooting and we love to compete with each other =). We find the price so expensive and we are not even sure if the quality is okay since they won't allow us to touch and inspect the guns. So, when we arrive home I search the net and was able to find a very good site where I can buy gun some accessories and apparels for hubby as my Christmas gifts. The site was called TacticalPantsUSA they have wide range of products, from ">gun accessories, pants, polos, shorts and jumpsuits which hubby really wanted.

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