Sunday, September 23, 2007

hubby's new shoes

Last September 18, 2007 hubby bought a set of Merrell rubber shoes since he's old rubber shoes was given to his niece. And they are going to have a very strenuous exercise (they will climb a mountain equivalent to 140 story building high, with stairs naman though very stiff daw according to him. baka paawa effect lang) last Friday in celebration on their very good safety record.

Below is the picture of what we bought. I really like the style and color. By the way, it was bought the day we bought my first set of crocs, papatalo ba naman ako though mas mahal pa rin yung shoes nya he he he. I just wasn't able to take picture of his new rubber shoes then because he already wear them right after we pay for it. To get used with his new shoes daw.


Then, when we celebrate our 9th monthsary as husband and wife last September 20, 2007, we pass by an adidas outlet with sale on all item at paseo de Sta. Rosa he bought another set of shoes for his basketball tournament this time, he said that his merrell is not that comfortable for playing basketball. I make lambing for him to buy me a set of rubber shoes for jugging (as if nagja jugging ako ha ha ha) since I'm an adidas girl also unfortunately he doesn't have enough cash that day and he was declined when he used his credit card. Worst, I intend not to bring my bag with all my cards and wallet that night since I was with him. That's life I think that's not for me. He made promise naman that when we return there he will buy me a shoes since that particular has a sale all year round based on the information that was given to us by their manager. Hurray. By that time I hope they already have a good selections of rubber shoes for woman.


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