Monday, September 17, 2007

weekend bonding

We were supposed to deliver electric generator to California Energy at Pantabangan Nueva Ecija but the plan changed when we are already in Pampanga. Instead we went to San Jose, Nueva Ecija to turn over the changed parts to co employee and pick-up those who conduct livelihood seminar to employee's spouses. Mrs. Rivera who has a show at 774 one of our AM station and daily morning show in channel 4, 9, and 13 gave a me a list of their seminar schedule for the whole month of September because I'm interested to take them meat processing, candle making and some another level baking class.

Below is the picture of some of the view going to Nueva Ecija:

North Luzon Expressway

Getting nearer and nearer

But before that journey we went to glorietta to buy rubber shoes for my husband (Merrille) and I was supposed to buy their slipper type since my husband liked the color but instead he got me a crocs. My first crocs he he he. Below is the picture of my crocs. I so love it.

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