Monday, September 24, 2007

yulo's day - september 24

It's holiday today in Calamba City where I live and work in celebration of Yulo's day. Before they only declared holiday in Canlubang which is owned by Yulo's clan. September 24 is the eldest Yulo's birthday and since he had so many good works and had help so many people the whole city of Calamba declared this day as holiday in due respect on what he did.

But since the holiday was only declared in this city, some of us are required to report for work today to answer calls from those who are not on holiday. Now I have time to blog here in the office. But I still need to finish may work too.

Also, today is Olsen's birthday my hubby's nephew on his eldest brother. I really fancy this kid, he's so smart, loving and sweet. Not to mention too big too like his tito now he he he

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Anonymous said...

naiinggit nga q.. mga kpatd q my walang pxuk..tpos aq meron :(( sa Las Pinas pa kxe q npaxuk.. at d same time..nhi2ya aq ngeun umalis ng bhay ng nka uniform.. since holiday nga d2..amp >,<