Sunday, September 30, 2007

my wish list

These are the things I wanted to have for my birthday, for Christmas, for new year, for valentine's or for anniversary. Whatever ocassion it might be. I can buy some of the items that has lower value a gift for myself or rewards for my hard work but how I wish that someone will be them to me as gift he he he... Let's face it I can't afford some of the items in the list unless I won a lottery which I haven't join for the past months na.

I do hope that my hubby will be able to read this post. Desperate wife ang dating ha ha ha

Nextbase portable dvd
Nokia N95

IBM Thinkpad laptop

Maltese puppy

Shih Tzuh puppy

Golden Retriever puppy

Apple Ipod Video 160GB

Olympus Digital Camera

Sony PSP Philip Stein Watch Persian Cat
Professional Camera (Nikon D200)

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