Monday, November 5, 2007

catching up

We still don't have house help and it seems like there's no linaw if we're going to have one this week (I do hope na magkaron na!), hirap talagang humanap ng maid this time around. I'm really tired of doing all the domestics jobs and I even got tired during the long weekend last week as the 2 nephew of hubby spent their 2 weeks vacation here and they are so kulit.

Instead of practicing my right to vote I decided to go to dangwa to buy flowers that we are going to use for November 1. On October 31 (last day in teh office before the holidays) I left the office earlier than usual as I still need to continue the flower arrangements I started earlier that day. We decided to just stay in the cemetery to finish all the flower arrangements including the arrangements that we are going to bring to Batangas for my grandmother and other deceased relatives of my mom. So we setup our camping tent for the kids, my father, and mother-in-law to use while me and my husband decided to sleep in the Nissan Patrol with an aircon on, good thing we don't pay for the gas lol.

The whole day of November 1 was spent in Holy Garden and the kids enjoy participating with the games prepared by Holy Garden's management while the oldies spent time sleeping and eating. After the 8 minutes fireworks we went home na as we are all tired to join the camping night again.

The following day we went to Sta.Rosa cemetery to pay respect to my father's deceased parents, we only spent less than 2 hours there then we went home to rest and just postponed our plan to go to Batangas the following day to visit my mom's cousins.

Sunday we just stay at home to prepare for the long week ahead. I also started doing my blogging assignments.

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