Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm now part of PPP family!

I am finally part PayPerPost family that is growing and growing big as the days, week, months and years pass by! I've been waiting for payperpost approval from the first day I signed up my blog and even work with my blog to gain some ratings to make sure that my blog will be approved and now the long wait is over. I am now one of their newest posties and I am very very happy!

Now I can blog about the things I specifically love and at the same time get paid for it. What more can I ask for? That's what every woman love, earning while doing the things they enjoy. Moreso, I can now earn extra money that I can use to buy the things I long to buy before and the things we need for our house without needing to go outside and sweat. All I need to do is to sit infront of my computer like what I'm doing whenever I don't have work and take advantage of all the opportunities that will be given by payperpost at the comfort of my home.

I learned about Payperpost through my online community and everytime payperpost was discussed they sound very happy and satisfied with it especially on the earnings they receive so I decided to join and give it a try. Now all I need to do is to convinced my husband to convert our internet connection to broadband to make sure that I will be able to grab more oppurtunity by having a faster connection. I know that I can easily convince him when I show him how much I earn in blogging lol...

It's easy to join PPP all you need to do is sign up in and enroll your blog and wait for you blog to be approved, once your blog was approved then you can start grabbing opportunities from payperpost like what I'm doing now. Thanks to PPP for being the bridge between advertisers and bloggers and make earning dollars while blogging possible for bloggers like me.

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