Monday, November 5, 2007

Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

The holiday season is just a few weeks away! In three week time we will be celebrating Thanksgiving then after a month it's time for Christmas and New Year! As early as now, we already finish the list of those persons we are going to give presents this Christmas. Unfortunately all malls and other shopping destinations are already crowded with shoppers and that will give us a hard time buying gifts from those establishements.

Good thing is there to make completing our gift list a lot easier.

We are planning to give shirts for the guys so we will give out Gap coupons from instead, atleast they will be able to choose the color and style they want. For sports minded we'll give out speedo coupons. And we will order greeting cards from deals, to show everyone (even those who are abroad) that we don't forget them even if we are miles and miles apart.

As a gift for myself (a reward actually) for all the hard work and all the sacrifices I am planning to get a laptop from Dell Home coupon codes. Whoohoo lol.

Since I travel a lot (business related), I'm planning to get new Samsonite Luggages if I find great luggage online deals. I would love to get a light green luggage this time for easier identificatio.

Of course I'm not going to forget my pets so we will order some goodies from petsmart deals.

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