Monday, November 5, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Since I was a kid I'd like to travel a lot. Whether it's just within the city or out of town. I like to go to beautiful and scenic places. And now that I am earning from my regular job and an extra from blogging I am now capable of going out of the country for a vacation and not just work related as I used to on my previous travels abroad.

I would like to travel with my husband and visit Spain which I long to see since I was young. Believe it or not I watched all shows that was shoot or featured Spain from local production to international production such as Korean films, Taiwanese films (I was even hooked on Meteor Garden especially their part 2 where they shoot in Barcelona Spain), Malay films, Indo films and the like. That's how I am love struck with the beauty of Spain.

With that dream vacation in mind, I have started checking with local travel agencies here in Philippines but the cost of their package will cost me an arm and leg. Then, I found out that some of the airlines sometimes offers great bargains on tickets during off season, great deal isn't it especially if I will be able to get their US$1 fare (of course taxes and insurance are not included)! So I tried searching for accomodations and I happen to find Hotel Reservations site and was amazed on their wide selections of accomodations from hotels, motels, resorts to vacation rentals and the like. The price are very competitive from others and sometimes even way cheaper than booking directly from hotels desk. They even offer great discounts on world wide destinations.

Just in case our dream vacation will pushed through next year we will definitely book from Hotel Reservations.

Planning this dream vacation of ours makes me so excited! I will definite visit the most famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain and I will make sure that I will be able to toss a coin in one of the fountain at the park and drink water from their running water as there's this belief that when you drink water from that you will be back in Spain. He he he

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