Tuesday, April 1, 2008

our month end madness

We have a lot of reports for submission every month end and all reports has deadlines for us to be able to pass our DIFOT that makes us all mad whenever we encounter problem wether big or small. It is really irritating whenever your staff work as if she didn't care about your deadlines or doesn't know the meaning of quality works. You will end up checking everything she does which will consume your time or worst missed your deadline.

That's what happen to me this afternoon. Everything are all okay, all reports are submitted on time, but when our finance manager checked one of our reports which was responsibility of my staff, she found out that the figures from the past 2 months has been changed. That gave our department a demerit, sadly when we fail one report all other reports that were submitted on time will have no bearing, our department's standing now is 1/3 or one passed for the first quarter.

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