Thursday, April 3, 2008

new maid

Finally our new maid is here na, now I can rest on weekends and holidays. She's from Pangasinan and she doesn't want to travel so we can't bring her with us everytime we go to Batangas to visit my mom's relatives and also our Calamsi farm. She looks okay naman, today is her first day and as of this moment she already clean the second floor area and the common comfort room near the guest room. Hopefully this is not "pakitang tao" and that she will continue being masipag. But she's somehow madaldal, actually her voice and my mother in law's woke me up. But it's okay at least I was able to blog before going to office. I wasn't able to blog last night as we need to fetch her in bus stop (this has a boo boo, long story next time na lang) and hubby requested rin for us to rest early last night, he's so tired kasi.

By the way her name is Pam.

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