Thursday, April 3, 2008

death of a love one

It's not easy lossing a love one especially if it's your mother. I just arrive from Bay to visit the wake of my friend's mother who died this morning while my friend is still in the office, same thing had happen to me almost three years ago. I lost my mom May 2, 2005 it's an economic holiday in lieu of May 1 (labor day) and since it was the first day of the month I am of those required to report for work for month end reporting as I'm in Sales and Marketing department. I just arrive in the office which is only 5 minutes drive from home when my father called in hysterical because my mom passed away. I wasn't able to talk to my mom, she wasn't able to make "habilins" like other's do. It wasn't expected, a day before she died she's very energetic though she's already a bed ridden, her appetite came back to normal and she became talkative and very sweet but my husband noticed that she keep on watching us on whatever we do as if trying to make paalam and sort of saying that she's going to miss us.

Thiugh it's been three years, I really miss her. I'm one of those children that wasn't able to live away from their mom. We are really close to each other, we are not just a typical mother-daughter we are more on sisters and best friends. We keep on updating each other on our daily happpening before going to bed. Everyday I leave for school or work the house or coming home we kiss and hug each other as if we miss each other. She's the first to know that I have a suitor or a boyfriend, I alway seek her advice and guidance on whatever decision I make she's doing the same with me even if it concern our house renovation and design of their bedding. If I don't like what she wear she change it that's how close we are. Eversince I was a child she keeps on telling me not to keep quiet if I think I'm right, that everything can be discussed with her. She even told me that eventhough she's my mom it doesn't mean that she's alway right, I have the right to answer back with respect since she's still the senior. I'm looking forward on the day that I will see her again...

How I wish I will be able to raise my future children same as how my mom raised me.

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