Monday, April 21, 2008

my nephew's wedding

Yesterday was my most love-nephew's wedding which started at 6:30am (30 minutes later than their scheduled wedding). He is the 2nd son of my 2nd degree cousin from my mother side. You see I'm an only child, my mother's only sibling doesn't have a family so basically I'm an only child in the family. The main reason why I'm really close to all my cousins and nephews upto the nth degree. Majority of my nephews are older than me and we are all like a barkada and buddy-buddy type. Those who do not know us will definitely think that we are a group of people with romantic relationship ;).

On my nephew's wedding I can't help but reminisce my own wedding last year where he was our best man. Just a year after my wedding it's his time to start his new life. One thing for sure I will really miss him as I was once his most favored Tita to the point that whenever I want something he will surely deliver no matter what. Now her wife will be the center of his life....


WhoIsMarc? said...

would be nice if you could post some pics as well.i hope i can get married too next year :) if you have any suggestions and stuffs please kindly help me ^_^ and i would really appreciate it alot :) thanks and see you around

Dhedows118 said...

unfortunately I don't have any decent picture from the wedding.
btw, where are you from? I can help you on some stuff if you want.