Monday, October 1, 2007

first day of the month

Time fly really fast. Since last month I already heard a lot of christmas songs in some of radio station also in some of my officemates sounds. Now its already October and in just a few weeks I will be busy as a bee in preparing for all saints day. Since 2005 my cousin thought me how to go to Dangwa for the flowers I have to arrange for my "nanay" and lola's puntod and to my other relatives that my nanay used to give flowers and candle when she's still alive. I'm kinda continue her tradition para naman hindi sya magtampo. At hindi nila masabing nawala lang sya nawala na rin ang nagdadala ng flowers sa mga relatives nya. Since I used to arrange a LOT of flower arrangements I really have to go to Dangwa for a great buy. The price of flowers here in Laguna are more than double than the price in Dangwa, imagine the price of 1 dozen orchids here is P300 above while the price of 3 dozens of the same type of orchids in Dangwa is only P250 sometimes may tawad pa...

This month is also my tatay's birthday and this year he will be 60 years old na. So I'm planning to celebrate his birthday this time, pero hindi nya pa alam ha ha ha. My first plan is to celebrate it in a resort for a small family gathering lang but due to money issues I change plan to celebrate his birthday in Dampa for a fresh seafood dinner sana. But I'm thinking twice na rin since I heard a lot of comment to better celebrate at home with his kumpadres since 60th birthday is a milestone daw. So I might order a cake with boxing as a theme since that's his favorite sports naman then we will cook something for lunch and a spaghetti for merienda and those who doesn't want to eat rice na rin. I might buy some balloons na rin para naman ma feel ang birthday he he he

By the way, we just celebrate my mother in law's birthday yesterday though today is her real birthday kaya pala sya malungkot kanina. I forgot to greet her this morning before I left for the office, my gulay... I will post more on this birthday celebration and pictures later... I have to finish all my reports for today first. =)

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