Wednesday, October 3, 2007

today's recap

I wasn't able to report for work this morning as I have to meet up with my maid's in-law in Alabang because my maid wanted to leave na. So, I have to do all the household chores again hu hu hu. I wish I will be able to find better maid soon.

Since we're already in Alabang I decided to buy the tent that we are going to use for all saints day as well as the insulation para naman hindi ganon kainit in case it will be a sunny day this year. Then I pass by Wilcon Supply to buy na rin the fruit basket made of chrone material that I was eyeing since last month. Actually I'm not going to use it for fruits, I will use it for garlic, onions and tomatoes kasi we use to buy 1 kilo each sometimes more pa nga. Sana lang hindi sya mangalawang agad.

Now I only need to add some more foldable chairs for all saints day, but we are going to use them na rin sa house pag may maraming visitors. And good thing is I already got my hubby's approval.

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