Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EON Visa Debit Card

Finally I was able to find a bank that can issue a visa debit card which I can use for my paypal account. Unionbank offer this kind of account for a lower membership fee so I applied last October 10, 2007 using their via internet application. What was written on the net I only need to wait for 5 working days to pick-up my card in the nearest Unionbank in our area. However when I follow-up on the status of my card last Thursday October 18, 2007 I found out that it needs 2 weeks to process my application though my application has been approved already. I only need to wait for the delivery of my card to the branch I mentioned on my application. So, I need to make another follow-up this week.

For me it's better to apply for a new account instead of using my other savings account or my credit card. With Unionbank visa electron debit card I don't have to worry that someone might use card info and spend all my savings or I will be left with lots of debt which I don't purchase.

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