Monday, October 1, 2007

my mother in-law's birthday

Today is my mother in-law's birthday but we decided to celebrate it yesterday because my husband is here with us, he's now based in nueva ecija so he can only come home every weekend that is if his subject goes to cebu where his family is living. Aside from that some of her apo from Bonifacio came here last saturday to spend their weekend. I will share some of our pictures taken yesterday.

Here's the cake we order from Goldilocks Sta. Rosa. Good thing they are effecient and can accept orders in short notice because I was only able to order the cake 2 days before the event as I'm so busy with all the office reports.
After blowing of birthday candles and making wishes.

Unahan sa pagkuha ng gold choco coins he he he

Us having picnic in my mother's graveyard. It's raining that time, my hubby just covered the camera with a cap to avoid getting it wet. madiskarte he he he

Then after the blowing of candles we proceed to Holy Garden as part of our weekly visit to my mom. We have baon and eat our merienda there, we have spaghetti, cake and ice tea. Saya ng picnic! Unfortunately it's raining so we only stay there for about an hour and a half because we don't have tent yet so we only have huge umbrella like the one used by vendors only a lot bigger than theirs. Good thing I bought a foldable table that we were able to use that same day he he he.

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