Friday, October 5, 2007

right path

Yehey! It's the last of the week, Thank GOD it's Friday! But as much as I wanted to rest for this weekend I think I will not be able to. First I need to do the laundry tomorrow and I need to start early in the morning so I can still go to the super market for my grocery shopping and to pay some of my bills. Then on Sunday we need to attend the early Sunday mass instead of the usual time which is 9:00am mass, simply because we need to be home early because of Barrera-Pacquiao boxing event. My father and my husband is a boxing fanatic, they can watch a rewind of boxing fight a hundred times! Sunday afternoon we need to go to Holy Garden as our usual routine every week, sana lang umaraw naman 2 weeks na kasing umuulan pagdating namin don.

I just hope that I will be able to finish sorting our wedding pictures so I can submit our selection to my photographer for the album layout. It's been months na grabe! After this, sana tuloy-tuloy na ang pagsasaayos ko ng life ko. I want to organize this time around.

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