Friday, June 19, 2009

Cropping Photos

1. Cropping a busy or cluttered background changes the focus of an image. This helps you to zero in on the subject.

2. From the Toolbox, select the “Crop” Tool.

3. If you already know how large you want your photo prints to be, select the cropping size: 4x6 inches for 4R and 5x7 inches for 5R. You can also experiment with different values for height and width.

4. Set the cropping resolution to 300 pixels/inch.

5. Position the mouse over the area of the photo you wish to crop. Click, hold and draw a quick selection around the image. When you release the mouse button the non-selected area will gray out.

6. Happy with the selected area? Press “Enter” or right-click and select “Crop”.

7. Made a mistake? Press “ESC” or right-click and select “Cancel” and repeat step 5.

8. Always save under a different file name.

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