Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My youngest pet is pregnant!

Christoffe or Toffe my precious japanese spitz dog is pregnant for the 2nd time!

I noticed the other week that her tummy is getting big and she is not as active as before so I bring her to the Vet to check if there's any problem with her health since her grandma died on cancer of the liver. And it turned out that she's 3weeks pregnant. The Vet prescribe a lot of vitamins and supplements, good thing there are veterinary pharmacy online such as Rood and Riddle Veterinary Pharmacy that provides unequaled compounded medications to maintain the health and fitness not only of the world’s top equine athletes but also of beloved pets as well. They closely with veterinarians to provide the highest quality of veterinary products and medications to make medicating equine patients easier and more effective. They also provide unparalleled service and customer support at competitive prices.

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