Friday, June 19, 2009

Dr. Jose P. Rizal's Birthday

It's holiday today here in our place since I live and work in our national hero's hometown. I was supposed to report for work but a lot of things happened today. First, JM woke-up 2am and did not sleep until 3:30am which means I also need to stay awake until he sleeps again. He poops after he finish his milk but after an hour he vomits most of the milk he drink. When I was about to sleep na rin my ate who takes care of JM send me a text message saying the she was in Lucena Doctor's Hospital for he's eldest brother. Kuya Marciano was confined and was declared comatose, he's bp was 220/180 and it was seen in the ctscan na may ugat na pumutok sa kaliwang part ng utak nya =(. So I thought ate glo will not be able to come back na, and texted my boss that I will not be able to report for work na. But ate came back before 8am but I was already late for the service na. I just took the opportunity to settle everyhting na lang. While I was out, ate glo texted me that she was asked to go back to Lucena and she cried when I came back, she wanted to know the status of kuya so I called my ate eve to check. She told me that it's only the machine who keeps our kuya from breathing and they decided to discharged him na lang to save on cost.

Grabe, masyadong maraming nangyari sa araw na to. While the other people are enjoying the parade in celebration for Rizal's birthday, ate's family naman is facing a major problem.

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