Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diaper Rash

My Ate who’s in-charge of taking care of JM texted me and asked if I noticed something on my son’s balls when I changed his diaper this morning she noticed daw kasi that my son balls is somehow red in color. We’re using cloth diaper in the morning kasi when he woke up which is normally around 5:30-6:30am and change it to disposal diaper after he took a bath so he can sleep without worrying of getting wet.

She think it’s a diaper rash since there’s no sign of “pantal” in case nakagat ng langgam. She also noticed na parang may gasgas yung balls ni JM.

Parang gusto ko na tuloy agad umuwi at dalhin sa pedia si JM para malaman kung ano talaga ang problem. But the problem is I don’t have a driver so I can’t bring JM to his pedia, so I will visit his pedia na lang to seek an advise and to ask for an ointment for the rashes.

Ganon pala yung feeling na parang biglang nawawala ka sa focus sa work when you learned that your child has a problem. Which in my case mas kami ng ate ko ang namomoroblema, according to my ate wala naman daw sign of irritation sa part ni JM, parang kami lang 2 ang na iirita sa rashes nya. Ha ha ha

Sana bumilis na agad ang takbo ng oras para makauwi na ako.

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